A Su-eet Story

He and She were sitting at the dinner table. She was dissecting a sparerib …

She: “This is a pretty poor cut of meat!”

He: “Y’think so, love? From over here, it looks like that pig was living pretty high off the hog.”

She: “It was a cannibal?

He: “I don’t reckon this beast ever ate anything out of a can. But I’ll tell you this. If it had been a can-can-ibal, it might be leaner.”

She: “But I don’t want it to be leaner!”


She: “Pigs are heavy! I don’t want one leaning on me!”

He: “Riiight. See if you can stand up straight after doing a can-can.”

She: “Hmphf. I don’t do the can thing. I do all my cooking from scratch.”

12 thoughts on “A Su-eet Story

    • Musings and Mocha, the genesis of these dialogues usually is a real conversation. Some editing and embellishment does occur, to be sure, before it hits the blog. Every once in awhile, a “conversation” does sneak in that was entirely invented.

    • I never sneak in anything that isn’t based on truth and I never embellish more than a word or too. Amoeba is much more liberal in his storytelling, however, I stand by the motto that one should never spoil a good story for the sake of truth.

      Please note that story and answering direct questions are not interchangeable.

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