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Michael Voulgarelis: The Genius Behind Orizzi.Com

Orizzi.Com is about to do for text messaging what Twitter did for the internet.  This is a brilliant concept. I predict that businesses will instantly see the potential of this service and it will take-off like wildfire.  The brain behind this was nothing short of inspired — and it all started because he forgot a coupon.

The purpose of a coupon is to get a customer into the store.  Because of the way coupons are currently used, they must be valid for days or weeks and the customer can wander in anytime during that time period.  That really doesn’t help boost business on a slow day and michael voulgarelis realized that.

Think about it.  There you are standing in your store or shop.  You have employees  on the time clock, but no customers.  Money is going out but none is coming in.  Quick!  What do you do?  Well, if you’re brilliant, you create a “Today Only” or “For the Next 3 Hours Only” coupon and you text it to all of your customers.  So there you are in your lunch shop.  It is 11:45 a.m. and the place should be jumping by now, but you’ve only one customer and the parking lot is deserted.  Fill it in a instant with a special coupon offer.  “Noon to 3 PM Only, Free Soft Drink with Purchase of a Burger.”  Suddenly the dinner is full, your employees are working frantically and there are folks waiting to be seated.

Did I mention this idea was brilliant?  What business couldn’t use it?  Dentists, doctor, beauticians, therapists, etc., use Orizzi to fill missed appointment slots.  Celebrities use it to promote movie, video, record sales, etc.  Ball parks use it to fill empty stadium seats.  Orizzi works.  Visit the website and check it out.


  1. this sounds like a wonderful idea.
    I never carry coupons. I love it when the cashier supplies them because it’s the right thing to do and inspires the customer to come back 🙂

    1. A Lady’s

      Life – -and this way, there’s the coupon, right there in your phone, which I bet you almost never forget!

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