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Nessa’s Netiquette Meme

In response to my Petty Pet Peeve post, Nessa of The Chrysalis Stage has created a Blogging Practices Meme I just renamed Netiquette (I can do that, this is my post). Nessa says:

On your own blog do a post listing 5 things you like about blogs, 5 things you don’t like and 5 things you do blogging that you think are cool and why you do them. Try to give the reasons why, too, so people understand your way of thinking.

I can do that.

Five things about blogs/blogging/bloggers that I really like:

1.) Congeniality: Most bloggers are friendly and genuine.

2.) Relaxation: Blogging has no dress code and only those pressure constraints we put on ourselves.

3.) Connectivity: People connect with each other personally.  Real emotions are easier to share when we aren’t face-to-face.

4.) Diversity:  I have learned much of other lands and cultures and social classes that I may never have known without the net.

5.) More diversity:  The multitude of thoughtful comments and perspectives that people share with each other, usually non-judgmentally.

Five things about blogs/blogging/bloggers that irritate me:

1.) Empty comments:  The narcissists who don’t think their universally copied & pasted, Cool post.  COME VISIT ME., comments aren’t spam.

2.) Music: Let me clarify, if a musical selection adds context to a specific post, great; but other than that I find your music invasive.  I either have my own music playing, or I have the TV on, or I have chosen silence for a reason.

3.) — it is the most irritating, inconsistent and unreliable platform there is.  I have no idea why it remains popular.

4.) Cheaters: People who sign in to meme links but don’t put up a corresponding post.  Not only will I not comment on their blog, I make a mental note to avoid their links in future so they’re not apt to hear from me even then they’re legit.

5.) More Cheaters: Genuine comments from people who’s sites I don’t wish associated with mine.  I always check to see who sent the comment.  If it is a real comment but it links back to a business site I often delete the link, especially if it is a site I wouldn’t promote (s3x, drugs, gambling, alcohol, etc.)

Five things I do on my blog and why I do them:

1.) Visit:  I try to make certain I visit everyone who visited me within 24 hours.  If they visited for a certain meme, I always visit their meme post.  I do it to be polite and to let the person know I appreciated their visit and their comment was valued.

2.) Answer Comments: I love answering comments on my blog.  The interaction that results, be it serious or silly, is often better than the original post.

3.) Value My Friends:  I like to share blog links and introduce my blogging friends to each other.  That is how communities are formed.

4.) Be Honest: Even in my paid posts I only present my honest opinions.  When offered pay to promote internet sites I don’t approve of (s3x, drugs, gambling, alcohol, etc.), I turn down the job out-right.  If asked to blog about products that I believe are inferior, if my honest opinion isn’t allowed I won’t do the post.  My credibility is important to me both on and off the blog.

5.) Promote Laughter: because there is already enough pain in life.  We need to celebrate that which lifts us above the mundane and puts joy in our hearts.


      1. Doug — perhaps you misunderstood. You are supposed to emulate the positives and avoid the negatives, not the other way around. Now, you want to eat the shoes or wear them?

  1. I was going to do mine tomorrow because even though I thought there wasn’t much I ended up with a list of thirteen things and then I added your three words and I got a really long post. But I just posted mine so you are not alone. And I didn’t follow my own rules. I’m such a rebel.

    As usual, we have things in common. Your diversity reasons are so true. I have discovered people and points of view I never would have found in my every day life.

    1. Nessa — you asked for a list of 15 things! that took some work. I could have done 3 of each easily, and 4 of each without too much trouble, but in every instance 5 took thought.

  2. That’s a great idea – and I like ‘Nessa’s Netiquette’ LOL it sounds good! I’ll do this one too. I’m sure that for everyone who is a deliberate spammer, there’s someone else who’s just clueless and really didn’t mean to offend. Or at least I hope so.

    I have two Blogger blogs and two WordPress blogs — I vastly prefer using Blogger, and wish I’d never touched WP at all. But it’s like the PC/Mac preferences I think, we all have our favourites and for good reasons on both sides.

    You’re better than I am about visiting people who visit you — sometimes I just space on that. I’m trying to get better.

    1. I have a blogger and a WP. I think blogger is easier to use but it flakes out a lot, like early in the morning when I have time to read and comment I can’t get on. WP has some nice features like the askimet thing but it requires to much html knowledge like when I want to make the font size larger.

      1. BINGO! I just don’t like to code, and Blogger makes things like font changes easy without going into the editor.

        But for commenting and a few other things, WP beats Blogger hands down.

  3. Great list Quilly! All of them I agree with and are reasons for me too. I especially hate it when people have music playing on their blogs.
    And I agree most commenters are friendly and genuine. I especially wanted to thank you for your dear comment on my blog today.

  4. Blogspot is easy to use, that’s why it’s popular. It’s why I went back to blogspot after I stopped using wordpress. I didn’t want to shell out the money for my own domain and I didn’t want to spend hours of time setting up WordPress. So I went to blogspot and it’s been behavior…so far.

  5. I was thinking about several of these issues after your pet peeve post — this looks like a good format. I agree with many of your answers.

  6. Ohhhhhh dear me! I don’t think I can do this one! I’m not sure I have FIVE peeves about blogs… and I’m POSITIVE I don’t have 5 cool things I do on my blog! I’ll have to think about this awhile….

    You DO have a very fun blog — and the comments ARE often the best part. I just don’t have the TIME to put into doing all this. I’m finding it hard to find time for blogging PERIOD lately! I don’t know what’s happened! LOL!

    1. Melli — this is a NESSA meme. She proke the rules before she finished writing them. If this topic interests you, do it your own way! LOL!

  7. I think you just about covered it! All of your reasons certainly are good ones. I sure feel like I have developed some great blogging friends and just about all of them have wonderful blogging etiquette. I always come back to your blog to see your answers to my comments :0)

  8. After reading this, I am learning a bit more about you. I used to wonder why you do not visit me? I really do . I have this idea that you may not like me for some reason. I hope I am wrong but I like you and I do hope we are friends since we do share some common good friends too… I think I will do this lists too… it is a very relevant post indeed. hugs, shakira

    1. Shakira — When you visit me I always return the visit. Even though usually when you visit my blog you do not leave a comment pertinent to my post. You say something vague and leave 3 or 4 links to your own blog. Whether you mean to or not, when you do that your actions tell me you think you and your posts have value and mine do not.

      1. Thank you so much for saying that… I am so sorry. I am a wee bit intimidated by you, Honestly, I am . Not your fault, just me. Having said that, I do not know what to say sometimes but I promise I will do better. I am glad you are telling me this… I was wondering… I am SO SORRY, Quilly. Please say you will forgive me? I promise I will not do that to you or anyone again. hugs,shakira

          1. Thank you so much for your compassion and understanding. I do have a lot more to learn and i started learning the wrong stuffs…. lol… I got to go for now, Quilly, It is Thursday morning and tons of chores to run. See you this evening, your morning.
            Again, bless your kind soul for believing in me and for your forgiveness. Means a lot to me.
            Stay bless, Quilly,


  9. Wow, what was THAT all about??? I like writing blogs and I like reading them. But, I am not sure I can come up with 5 reasons for each category right now. Sorry!

  10. How great of Nessa to come up with this meme. I think it gives some positive input, because sometimes we don’t know that we have crossed some netiquettes.

    I share a lot of your thoughts here, except that my WordPress account took more time to load for slow connections like my previous one. So, I have become fond of Blogspot. Your puns are always very funny and witty. I really love how good you are with words and I like how committed you are answering comments on your blog.

  11. i can relate to everything you have written on this list, quilly. i get weird comments in chinese characters. they are really long!!! and then you realize they link back to another site or sites (never tried to click on them though). now, when i see these comments, i just delete them right away.

    i have a friend blogger who gets cuss comments on her site. some people can just really be so nasty. i agree with you though that most bloggers are really friendly and warm.

    have a nice day, quilly! it’s nice to be back in your blog. =)

    1. PinkLady – -I rarely get Chinese comments that Akismet doesn’t eat. I love Akismet – -except when it ate your comment!

  12. hi quilly! it’s nice to be back here in your blog. i love your post that’s why i left you a long comment about it. unfortunately, i think it went to your spam as it did not show up on this page. can you please check? i’m having problems leaving comments in wordpress blogs as it always kicks out my message. hehehe…

    anyway, i just want to say that i can relate to everything you have written in your lists. there’s this blogger who keeps on leaving me comments in chinese characters which link back to a site that i don’t even understand. now, i just delete it when i see it.

    although there are nasty bloggers who leave insulting remarks on some blogs, i am lucky that most of the friends i met in the blogging world are all genuinely warm and friendly.

    have a nice day! =)

    1. Nessa — me, too, including that one of Shakira’s friends think I am mean & harsh. Ah well, if someone said something unkind about me, a few of my friends would rile even if it were true. That’s how one recognizes their friends.

    1. Susan — you aren’t required to read — that’s why I did highlights & explanations. So there would be an “out” from reading it all.

  13. well, i suppose there’s little to add to your statements. i agree with most of your points but have no intention to leave was a real pain in the a** for a while but is behaving nicely for me most of the time now. and – as others stated before – it’s easy to use.

    1. Polona — blogger is better for the bloggers. As a commenter I still have to remember to copy what I wrote because about 40% of the time Blogger gives me a failure message and I have to try again.

  14. I started reading about this over at Nessa’s and I enjoyed reading her list so much I had to come see yours.
    Loved your title for it.

    I agree wholeheartedly with your positives.
    Some of your irritants resonate with me more than others.
    Music often annoys me and the business links as well,
    I use Blogger and find it much easier than WP, so I stick with it. They seem less problematic these days than they were 4 or 5 years ago.
    The 5 things you do and why; right on, sister! I don’t often reply to comments at this point in my blogging life, and I’m not even great about checking back for replies to comments I’ve made. However, when I did, I agree with you that those interactions are delightful.

    1. Logo — I keep wondering when I will lose my passion to engage with my readers – -probably when I get a job and a real life!

  15. I love this blogging community!! and I am with you about empty comments and music . I started using another host and then I turned to blogger, over 5 yrs ago. So I am biased, I feel at home and whenever I dislike some feature or when blogger is having issues I remember it is for free…there aren’t many free things nowadays 😉

    1. Marcee – -Blogger is free to you, but you can believe they are making money wioth your blog or it wouldn’t be free!

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