Nessa’s Netiquette Meme

In response to my Petty Pet Peeve post, Nessa of The Chrysalis Stage has created a Blogging Practices Meme I just renamed Netiquette (I can do that, this is my post). Nessa says:

On your own blog do a post listing 5 things you like about blogs, 5 things you don’t like and 5 things you do blogging that you think are cool and why you do them. Try to give the reasons why, too, so people understand your way of thinking.

I can do that.

Five things about blogs/blogging/bloggers that I really like:

1.) Congeniality: Most bloggers are friendly and genuine.

2.) Relaxation: Blogging has no dress code and only those pressure constraints we put on ourselves.

3.) Connectivity: People connect with each other personally.  Real emotions are easier to share when we aren’t face-to-face.

4.) Diversity:  I have learned much of other lands and cultures and social classes that I may never have known without the net.

5.) More diversity:  The multitude of thoughtful comments and perspectives that people share with each other, usually non-judgmentally.

Five things about blogs/blogging/bloggers that irritate me:

1.) Empty comments:  The narcissists who don’t think their universally copied & pasted, Cool post.  COME VISIT ME., comments aren’t spam.

2.) Music: Let me clarify, if a musical selection adds context to a specific post, great; but other than that I find your music invasive.  I either have my own music playing, or I have the TV on, or I have chosen silence for a reason.

3.) — it is the most irritating, inconsistent and unreliable platform there is.  I have no idea why it remains popular.

4.) Cheaters: People who sign in to meme links but don’t put up a corresponding post.  Not only will I not comment on their blog, I make a mental note to avoid their links in future so they’re not apt to hear from me even then they’re legit.

5.) More Cheaters: Genuine comments from people who’s sites I don’t wish associated with mine.  I always check to see who sent the comment.  If it is a real comment but it links back to a business site I often delete the link, especially if it is a site I wouldn’t promote (s3x, drugs, gambling, alcohol, etc.)

Five things I do on my blog and why I do them:

1.) Visit:  I try to make certain I visit everyone who visited me within 24 hours.  If they visited for a certain meme, I always visit their meme post.  I do it to be polite and to let the person know I appreciated their visit and their comment was valued.

2.) Answer Comments: I love answering comments on my blog.  The interaction that results, be it serious or silly, is often better than the original post.

3.) Value My Friends:  I like to share blog links and introduce my blogging friends to each other.  That is how communities are formed.

4.) Be Honest: Even in my paid posts I only present my honest opinions.  When offered pay to promote internet sites I don’t approve of (s3x, drugs, gambling, alcohol, etc.), I turn down the job out-right.  If asked to blog about products that I believe are inferior, if my honest opinion isn’t allowed I won’t do the post.  My credibility is important to me both on and off the blog.

5.) Promote Laughter: because there is already enough pain in life.  We need to celebrate that which lifts us above the mundane and puts joy in our hearts.