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KartMe Away

You guys know my home computer just crashed, right? Well, it took all of my favorite links and saved recipes with it. They’re gone and a lot of them I will never find again. That wouldn’t have happened had I used KartMe.

KartMe is a totally portable link storage site plus a whole lot more. First off, you can store your favorite links organize your list for free. Not only that, you can categorize your lists, or — if you’re running short on time — you can click a link and save it to KartMe, then categorize it later.

Another cool option — aside from being to access your list anywhere you can access the Internet (your favorite link available with just the click of a mouse from any computer!) — is the ability to share links with your friends. And, if you’re bored and looking for something new, you can browse best lists of favorites and be in on what’s hot and new instantly.

KartMe has a bunch of other cool features, too. KartMe lets you save links, create notes, give and receive recommendations, and compare prices. Are you standing in a store wondering if the purchase you’re considering is a good deal? Grab your phone, hop on the net and ask KartMe. For instance, say you’re in MaulMart and you want to compare prices of Alex Big Top Flippity Flops. No problem, just ask KartMe and they’ll tell you whether or not the price you’re looking at is your best deal. And it’s all for free. That is a good deal!


  1. What a link — I like that!

    Last winter when I traveled without my laptop, I had a terrible time remembering my links; amazing what the PC is remembering for us, that we take for granted.

    1. Susan — yeah, because no one browser has all of my links. With KartMe would put them all in one place and accessible from anywhere — including my phone — if I were ever to get a phone that could do that.

  2. Hi Susan,

    Exactly! KartMe is like a bucket where people put stuff they want to remember. Whether it’s a link, recipe, hotel or restaurant, now you’ve got a place for it.

    And as Quilly mentioned, you can access your links from a smartphone, like a Droid, BlackBerry or iPhone. You can also add notes to your lists from a phone–so you’ll never forget the movie or book a friend mentioned.

    If you ever have any questions or suggestions for KartMe, you can reach us on twitter.

    KartMe Founder

      1. That’s great to hear!

        Let me know if you have a list or file of links you’d like imported to your free KartMe account. We’d be happy to help you get set up. Just let @kartme know on twitter.


  3. Well, that sure is an option 🙂
    I started saving good links on a Linkblog and recipes in my normal blog.
    Save as well, sort of 🙂

      1. Nicole,

        Thanks for thinking about using KartMe.

        With KartMe, your links and recipes are backed up daily. Members particularly like how they can:
        * Collect links by clicking a button (no copy and paste!)
        * Organize in lists, which are easy to share or lookup on a phone
        * Keep everything from links to kids toys in one spot
        * Store everything, while only sharing some things, as there is a privacy option for any list or link

        Hope that helps!


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