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I just found out about Move.Com and I am impressed. I am so impressed I am darn well tempted to move again even though I love this house. I just typed my own zip code into the search engine at and a half-dozen rental units came up, a couple of them really sharp houses.

As you know, we found this house we’re living in from an internet search, but none of the search engines had anything listed for Friday Harbor, Wa. The closest they came was Everett, WA which is an hour’s ferry ride and about 100 miles away. Move.Com has a house listed that’s within walking distance to my place. You want to be my neighbor?

The next time I am looking for apartments for rent, or (more likely) houses, I am definitely going to check out Move. Com. I wish I had known about them last November. It could would have saved me hours of net crawling before I found this house!


  1. Oh Quilly, I do not know about you but I really hate moving house … so stressful , don’t you think? I thought you just moved to a new place ? You have a great Sunday now. hugs,shakira

    1. Shakira — I didn’t say I was going to move again. I said I wished I had known about this service before I moved from Honolulu to Friday Harbor. It would have made our house search much easier.

  2. Oh I am sorry to hear about the computer crash Thats sucks.

    I hate moving.
    The very idea depresses me but you know sometimes new places bring new ideas new friendships and fresh starts. So you always have to think positive.

    My husband says when you need to clean and paint the house, its time to move lol
    I bet I will have a few more moves in store for me in the future. lol

  3. Well… IF I ever get the opportunity to move again… HA! … I will keep in mind! Maybe I should put MY zipcode in and see what I can find for Amanda! YEA!!! 🙂

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