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Don’t be Paranoid …

… Be Careful!

A lot of you often shudder and gasp when I suggest you shop online or visit this or that website.  We’ve all suffered the effects of some sort of internet virus or malware, whether directly or through the trials and tribulations of a friend.  It is good to be cautious, it is even better to take precautions.  In fact, when Amoeba went to work out at the labs, we were required to bring our personal computers in for a thorough check and virus/malware protection update before we were given passwords to use the campus internet.

Because we are both educators who rely on the net to provide resources for our classrooms, both Amoeba and I have had extensive internet safety inservices, so we tend to forget that the common internet user isn’t necessarily as well informed of where their greatest risks for infection are.  Happily, Security Sharp, realized that and took steps to provide the average computer user with both cutting-edge security software and the necessary knowledge to navigate the internet safely.

Believe it or not, the best internet security tool isn’t software. It is software combined with knowledge. Most people get a computer, plug into the ‘net and learn as they go. Some of those lessons can be horrendously expensive — what’s worse, with a little fore-knowledge they could have been avoided completely. Security Sharp provides that knowledge in the form on online internet video lessons. Security Sharp users have access to an extensive video library of safe and sane internet use classes where they can learn how to access a website’s security features before they use it.

What’s more, at Security Sharp, internet users not only have access to the top-of-the-line security software, and education, they are also provided with access to secure download sites where they can pick up the best free-software the web has to offer. They never have to cross their fingers to assure they’ve picked a bug-free website because they are Security Safe.


  1. I like that it advocates education. I always think it a shame that people use tools and have know idea about them.

  2. I just tried to look into that site but got an ‘error 404’ when I clicked on ‘join’. It seems to have gotten good reviews, but I couldn’t find much onformation from their home or about pages..

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