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Flashback Friday #4 — Frightful Fashions

Mocha With Linda has started her very own meme. This is how she describes it:

This new meme’s purpose is to have us take a look back and share about a specific time or event in our lives. It will be fun to see how similar – or different – our experiences have been!.

I am enjoying this meme a lot. Grab the button and the link and come play along. Linda’s theme this week is:

The flashback this week surrounds our fashion memories. You may elaborate on your childhood Easter fashions and/or share about styles in general. What fashions were popular when you were growing up? (Any time from birth to high school graduation) What did you beg to wear? What style did you happily embrace that you now look back and think, “Ugh! Whatever possessed me to wear that? ( Of course, pictures would be great – the more hideous embarrassing, the better!) Have any of these come back into style? What have you worn that you vowed you never would? (You can also include hairstyles in your walk down Memorial Fashions Lane!)

I am late this week because we were without electricity for a good portion of Friday. The photo is so hysterical I know you’ll find it worth waiting for and forgive me for being tardy.  Here is me in one of my favorite outfits from the mid-70’s.  I was stylin’! [shudder]

See the huge glasses, the giant hoop earrings and the dangles on my shirt? I can’t see the pants but I imagine they were bell-bottoms. They weren’t jeans, my parents didn’t allow me to wear them. This must have just after my Farrah Fawcett hairstyle phase.  And I will bet you that I had navy blue suede waffle stompers on my feet.  I loved those shoes!


  1. I had a poncho one time with that kind of trim on it. And bell bottoms — pants just didn’t look right without that flar. I didn’t do this one because I just couldn’t think of anything particularly fashionable I wore at the time, but reading the few I have are bringing it back to me. Love the photo!

  2. So funny. Nice to see someone else had the ginormous glasses!

    I knew I was old about 10 years ago when I was walking down the hall of our previous church, which also had a high school. On the wall was a poster advertising that week’s pep rally and it said “Dress Like the 70s!”

    1. Linda — didn’t everyone else have the ginormous glasses? Mine were so heavy I could barely keep them on my face. Isn’t it funny that they went to light weight plastic and smaller glasses all at once?

  3. Girl you are so pretty in that picture! You still are of course, but ….WOW!

    I’ll have to think about doing this meme, I rarely post now.

    1. TLP – -and I never flet especially pretty. In fact, I was constantly told I was fat, but I can look at this photo and know better. Why didn’t I know better then?

  4. OMG what a great photo! What’s the certificate you’re holding?

    I had a shirt so similar to yours – and yes, the big plastic-rimmed glasses! My hair ran more Toni Tenille than Farrah Fawcett, but I did have blue suede shoes and flared pants. (don’t tell my kids!!) Wow this takes me back!

    1. Susan — I believe it is my high school diploma, but I am a bit confused if it is. The blouse I am wearing was made by Erin, who I babysat for in the 10th grade. In the 12th grade I no longer lived with my parents and was pretty much into wearing t-shirts and jeans. I did love this shirt though so I must not have dumped it when I got rid of all of everything they’d imposed.

  5. I think you look adorable. I had clothes with pom-poms too but there’s no way I’m showing any pictures. You are way brave.

  6. you look cute in this photo!

    i also wasn’t allowed jeans until much later but i remember having a pair of red tartan trousers… they were horrible!

    1. Polona — you could have worn them and I’d have worn my purple houndstooth slacks, we’d have looked hideous together!

  7. Waffle-stompers were indeed awesome. Finally, a fashion even my parents could afford!
    By the time my older sister passed on her bell-bottoms to me, they were out of style. Ever since “boot cut” jeans have come into the stores, I secretly call them bell-bottoms!
    And yes, those pom-pom dangles are da bomb!

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