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Springtime Scratch and Sniff

Here and now, in the Great Pacific Northwest of these Untied States of America, the Sun has passed the Equinox, and life has responded in fulsome abundance. (Yes, yes, I know, I know … Three Word Thursday was yesterday.) It flies through the air with the greatest of ease, the golden pollen on the warming spring breeze …

She:Honey! Make the itch go away!”

He: “No, dear, I’m not about to get your eyes memberships at the health club.”

She: “The health club?

He: “Look, honey, do you really want to know how heavy your eyes are? Even after they’ve worked out?”

She: “They’re not working out for me right now! They don’t need exercise, they need a priest!

He: “You got your eyes from Toyota? So that’s how come they need to be recalled.”

She: “Do you recall the meaning of the word ‘sympathy’?”

He: “But, dear, you’re surrounded by it. What more do you need than the symphony of the trees?”

She: “Not symphony, sympathy. And if the trees had any, they’d stop with the pollen drop already and give me back my face!


    1. You sure they’re not the same, Q? The way some people worship that car (or did) …

  1. haha ! 🙂
    Well it saves a lot on gas, my dad drives to Vancouver every day to work (which is over an hour from where we are). He calculated that it will pay for itself by the time he retired.
    Every time I go over to my parents house I come back well fed (/overly stuffed) so I think they’re doing okay in the food department :p LOL

    1. Teresa — I see that you have met my other half. He is a botanist, an oceanographer, a trumpet player, a show off and a smart mouth. That makes us perfect for each other.

  2. Poor you ! I can imagine how you look with red and wet eyes and then a “sweetheart” which doesn’t even pity you, lol ! The Toyota cars have other names here in Europe (even for the same models, I never understood why) so that’s why at first I didn’t get the sense of Priest and Prius, lol !

    1. Gattina — you do know that my “sweetheart” wrote this post, right? He not only doesn’t pity me, he’s moved on the actively making fun of me!

  3. This I can empathize with!! Do you take anything for allergies? Sometimes the “cure” feels worse than the original ailment.

  4. Oh no, I hope you’re feeling better soon! My mother developed hayfever in her seventies, and it made her miserable. I hope it never happens to me, when I see/hear/read how it feels. But I’m not a particularly lucky person — LOL

  5. I get it in the Fall with the mold. Not too bad in the Spring except on really clear days which isn’t fair.

    You have my symphony (sic.)

  6. My girl had allergies when we were in Seattle and by the time we flew home, her ear was a mess. The culprit – the “Christmas” trees growing all over the city!

    1. Mocha — why was she sticking Christmas trees in her ear?! 😉

      Seriously, my sinuses are such a mess right now that snot actually oozes out my tear duct on occasions. Aren’t you glad I shared that?

  7. I’m guessing that your sinuses were so messed up that Amoeba couldn’t hear you clearly. I had to convince my 17yo to take allergy meds before school this morning. He drove me crazy with his sneezing and sniffing in only 10 minutes; I couldn’t imagine being in a classroom with him for 2 hours!

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