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Oh Hail!

“Oh hail!” She yelled as she ran into his office. “Look outside!”

deck hail

“Oh hail!” He said, looking out the window. “I guess I’m not going to rehearsal. Driving on that is going to be like driving down a street covered in ball bearings.”

She said, “Are you afraid they’ll steer you wrong?”

He said, “I’m afraid they won’t let me steer at all!”


They took photographs and watched the hail accumulate. He picked up his script for My Fair Lady and looked quite sad.

Luckily, the hail melted as quickly as it came. He scurried around the house getting ready to go after all, then rushed to the garage to get in the car. Script in hand, she followed him to the garage door and asked if he’d forgotten anything. He traded the script for a kiss and then turned to leave.

As he got in the car she called out, “Have fun on your play-date, honey!”

He paused and gave her that look.

She went back in the house quite content that he’d melted any ice left in the near vicinity.


  1. That was quite the storm you lot had out your way.
    I don’t think I’ve so much white hail in one spot though!
    Happy Easter to you!

  2. We had hail like this the other day… I video taped it. It came with a lot of lightning and thunder.. As I was looking out my window I suddenly see a man standing on my roof (it’s townhouse so it’s joined with other houses) he seemed to be up there trying to get the hail out of my gutter. After that he moved his ladder over and did the same on the next house. Personally, I thought that the rate it melted at, he could have left it… not to mention it’d make more sense to go up there when it wasn’t still hailing/raining/thundering and the lightning wasn’t striking here (seriously the lightning was within a few metres from the house here)…

    1. Teresa — maybe he had a death wish? Yikes! And since we’re just an hour and a half ferry ride from you, I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t experience the same storm.

  3. We never get teensy little hail like that… ours is usually pea size… occasionally golf ball size! (that’s NOT fun!) Well… once it was! When Amanda was about 2. She loved to eat ice, and one day it hailed ice cubes! That baby was definitely IMPRESSED! God was raining down ice cubes – JUST FOR HER! Fortunately she did not get HIT by any! But when it stopped, she ran quickly to get some and pop them in her mouth! I wish we’d had digital cameras back then!

    1. Melli — the photo is deceptive. This was pretty close to pea-sized. I guess I should have photographed the handful Amoeba picked up.

  4. Sometimes, it looks like golf ball shaped ice cubes. (more clear than white)
    I used to like the drama of hail – until my car was dented by them!

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