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Quilly Queen of Coupons

I know I am always talking to you about coupons, but if you use them they really can save you money. Of course, it doesn’t work if you buy things you’ll never use just because you have a coupon. You need coupons for the things you use.

That’s why I keep introducing you to so many coupon sites. They might not all fit your needs, but one of them will have the things you love. I really like because I can look for coupons by category (i.e. grocery) or by store (i.e. Papa Murphy’s). I love Papa Murphy’s take and bake pizza, and Coupon Kim has a coupon for me.

Monday before I go grocery shopping I will log on to Coupon Kim’s and see if she has any grocery coupons for the things on my list. It pays me to take the few minutes to look and to print the coupons out, because I am going to buy the groceries anyway.

I also love Coupon Kim’s because of the free sample site. I love to order the sample sizes of lotions, toothpastes and hand creams. I keep them in my guest bathroom so when an overnight visitor wails that s/he has forgotten a hygiene product, they have their choice of replacements. has a fresh new look and is really easy to navigate. The website has large, clearly marked tabs and the coupons are listed in a line down the screen so you can see your choices at a glance. Plus there is a search bar. I typed in “ink cartridge” just for the heck of it and discovered an online special for the ink in Amoeba’s printer. Hooray!


  1. LOL! Sounds like Teresa needs a coupon for a printer! hehehe…

    I used to be a Coupon Queen… when the kids were small, I didn’t have a choice! We couldn’t have survived if I didn’t cut coupons. That’s probably why I don’t do it anymore! I think 20 years of having to took all the fun out of it! LOL! I may have to start again though! I gotta save a BIG HUNK of money! Details soon!

    1. Melli — yeah, but how would she use it — no phone to store the text coupon in and no printer to copy the net coupon …. poor Teresa!

  2. I totally love using coupons – but it is a lot of work. But think about it, what part time job could you get that pays you about $70 a week for a couple hours work? (That’s about how much I save a week.)

    Thanks, Quilly, for sharing about I will check it out.

  3. I don’t know what stores you’ve got there in Friday Harbor, but has steered me to some excellent internet deals.

    1. Karen — absolutely nothing you would recognize as a chain store. Most businesses in Friday Harbor are still independently owned.

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