I Need a Date for Date Night

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You guys know I don’t watch much TV, but I do love a good movie. I am definitely up for seeing Date Night with Tina Fey and Steve Carell. If this movie is even half as funny as its trailer, it is going to be a riot. Not only that, it is also an action movie. The two genres I love the most welded together in one. It’s got to be good. I can’t wait!

The Date Night Movie opens April 9th, which is Amoeba’s birthday. Since he is not a movie guy I probably won’t get to see it Friday, but Saturday is doable. When I really want to see a movie, I prefer doing so immediately. Waiting for more than a couple of days almost always leads to some jerk spoiling the ending by running their mouth. The movie is a romantic comedy so I know that there is a 99.9% chance that it will end happily-ever-after, but I really don’t want any particulars beyond that.

And, in case you’ve been listening to me jabber on about this movie and still don’t know anything about it, here’s the trailer. Watch it and you’ll know exactly why I have to see this movie:

And if you liked this trailer, please click on the link above and go watch the trailer on the movie website, it is 100x funnier.

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22 thoughts on “I Need a Date for Date Night

  1. I saw the comedic couple being interviewed on the Today Show promoting their new movie. I love Steve Carrell, so this movie will be on my “must see” list. Not sure if I will actually go to the theatre or wait until it’s DVD release.

  2. Sponsored posts for films! That’s fantastic! You’re hitting the big time, girl! It does look like a cute movie. I hope you get to see it on Sat. I saw How to Train Your Dragon last weekend with my mother. It was cute in a completely different way. lol 🙂

      • $12. That’ll almost pay for your ticket. Yeah, I liked How to Train Your Dragon though I’m not sure that it’s entirely accurate from a biological perspective. 😉

    • Tilden — I found mine online and snatched him up. However, he doesn’t do movie theaters so I’m still without a movie date. And poor Margaret!

    • I just watched a couple of Meg Ryan films in a row last week… I’d seen them both before but love ’em anyways… especially Kate & Leopold, one of my favourites.

  3. Ooooh
    I’d be your date, and I’m even close enough that if we could co-ordinate ferry schedules it might work, but, um, not this weekend.
    I will be back in Oak Harbor next week though, Tuesday and Wednesday, when are you going to be there?
    Maybe we should try to schedule a coffee date!

    • Logo — we will be in Oak Harbor (Deception Pass) from the 16th through 18th. Amoeba is seminar-ing. My camera and I will be running wild. I will be in Burlington on the 21st. I have an afternoon meeting and an evening dinner. I shall spend the night and, hopefully, head for Spokane to spend the weekend with my sisters.

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