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April 17th ~ Poetry Playing

The Pacific Northwest

Walk the shore with me
‘neath the towering Douglas Fir
where sharp wood resins fill my senses.
Tempered by a soft sea breeze,
moist earth, a salty tang, and
crisp, cold air.
This is the flavor of home.


Poetry Playing: Day 17
prompt: things you smell, fragrances or odors

It’s National Poetry Month. Write a poem — or two!


  1. beautiful. I didn’t have time to do a poem today, had to do my taxes instead (I’m not late, they aren’t due to the 30th in Canada) so i’ll do two tomorrow.

    1. Teresa — I couldn’t do a poem on Sunday — I will do to later today. There is only so much time in a day and I had things to do that didn’t include sitting around and typing!

  2. Ah,
    a lovely northwest flavor there.

    Also Quilly, the 22nd in Skagit Valley sounds good to me.
    I have an appt. from 9-10 about 20 minutes from there, so I could meet you somewhere over there about 10:30 if that works for you.

    1. Okay — I will need directions. Let me see where I’m staying and we can make plans from there. I’ll get back to you in email.

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