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Weekend Funnies ~ An Exposé

Because she wants us to laugh a little every weekend, Shakira of, You Are Never Alone, hosts the Weekend Funnies meme. Shakira says she doesn’t care if we make up our own memes or post some of those endless jokes that fill our email boxes. She just wants us to share a bit of laughter while visiting each other on the net. Check out Shikira’s blog for the other players and come laugh with us.

An Exposé

My Freshman year in High School a big snow storm stopped the buses but school remained open for the walkers. I rode the bus and shouldn’t have had to go to school, however my dad drove right by on his way to work and saw no reason for me to miss classes. He delivered me to school a full hour before my normal arrival time.

I stepped into the building and the halls stretched far and wide, wider than I ever realized and completely empty. Deliciously, temptingly, empty! To my right, halfway down the hall, was an exit sign suspended by chains. The tall kids used to jump up and hit it as they passed under. There was no way I would ever be tall enough to do that, but I wanted to. Perhaps, with a running start ….

Paying no mind to the fact that I was wearing a full circle skirt, I ran like the wind, jumped as high as I could and gave the sign a satisfying and resounding whack. I landed several seconds before my skirt did. No big deal since I was alone, except –as I landed, full of joy in my accomplishment, laughter and clapping rang out behind me.

I turned around and stared in horror at Chris, a gorgeous senior boy all the girls giggled over. He was lounging in the alcove by the office doorway. With a huge grin on his face he drawled, “Well hello pretty pink panties.” And from that day forward every time we passed in the halls, he called me, Pretty Pink Panties.


However, that was not the end of my sexy panties story. Eight years later I was sitting in a night club with three of my girl-friends. One of them was showing off her flashy engagement ring and telling us all about The Proposal. We were talking and laughing and teasing her, making wedding plans and dreaming dreams, when the waitress interrupted us with the delivery of a very frothy pink drink — for me.

“I didn’t order that,” I said.

“The gentleman at the bar did,” the waitress said. And then, visibly uncomfortable she whispered, “He told me if I said, Pretty Pink Panties, you’d understand.”

Of course I laughed. I did understand. Both the waitress and I turned toward the bar, but no one was there. It didn’t matter. With that one little gesture he transformed embarrassment into romance, and it was sweet.


  1. WOW… that is such an awesome story, Quilly.
    You ever meet him again?He must be so romantic huh?
    Thank you so much for sharing the story.
    Seems like you have a lot of fun then too!
    Well done!
    I only laughed and smiled with you, Quilly. So carefree and romantic!
    Have you a great weekend!

  2. If your story were a Hollywood movie, you would end up dating and marrying him!!! So how come that did not happen? Now, I will be thinking about your story ALL DAY! Darn! Haha.

    1. Gigi — I have no idea why he never asked me out. I never asked him out because as a teen I would have been too embarrassed and when he bought me the drink he didn’t wait around for me to say thank you!

  3. Did you write this story before ? I have read it already and I remember because these kind of things could happen to me, lol !

    1. Gattina — good memory! I have shared this story previously and you said “these kind of things could happen to me” on that one, too!

  4. i remember you sharing this story before. it’s still cute and funny, though, although i suppose the more romantically inclined would prefer a different ending 🙂

    1. Polona — yes, I shared the two parts in different posts some time back. Amoeba and I are away from home this weekend and I needed a quick post, so I cruised my archives and pulled this.

  5. awwwww… that was sooooooooooo sweet of him! i can’t stop smiling here QUILLY. you made my day 😀 you made me feel more in love than ever.

    blessings to you,

  6. Haha, that is a good and entertaining story! You’re right, he transformed it into something very romantic! He’s not like the other jerks when he knows girls clamor over him.

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