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Obagi Prescription Strength Skincare

Do you have problem adult skin?  I do.  Every winter my skin gets hyper dry and I slather on moisturizer.  I haven’t tried Obagi, but I am considering it.  Here is what the company has to say for itself:

Obagi has introduced multiple product lines designed to treat the most frequent adult skin conditions including sun damage, hyper pigmentation, acne, and roseacea—redness and flushing of the skin. The Obagi lines are used as a system, each group of products designed specifically for skin types from dry to oily, working together to dramatically improve skin health and appearance. In addition to the Obagi Nu-Derm System, there are:

  • The Obagi-C Rxâ„¢ system
  • The Condition & Enhanceâ„¢ System
  • The ELASTIdermâ„¢
  • The CLENZIderm M.D. Acne Therapeutic Systemsâ„¢
  • Rosaclear System

The ELASTIdermâ„¢ System sounds promising.  I have noticed that the extra dryness of my skin seems to be accentuating the natural lines and curves of my face — which is my emotionally acceptable way of admitting I have wrinkles!  I learned to like my platinum gray hair, but I don’t think I will ever grow found of the extra face creases.  Plus, I scabbed up my face pretty badly when I was a kid and spent years thrilled that I never scarred, but apparently I did, and my new “looser” skin is making those scars much more evident.


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