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My Favorite Blazer

Way back in the day, when I was a struggling student teacher and had to stretch my money so far it screamed, I had a blazer I dearly loved. It was multi-colored, so I could wear it with a variety of shirts and slacks. It always looked crisp and fresh, and it was warm so I didn’t need to worry about packing a coat around with everything else I carried.  It was easily my favorite article of clothing.  Switching my blouse or adding a scarf or distinctive brooch easily changed it’s appearance.  I was complimented frequently when I wore it.

I just happened to be checking out women’s blazers online and I found almost the exact same blazer. It is Spring now and I probably won’t be needing it right away, but I could buy it now while it is on sale, and it will be waiting for me next fall. However, the way some places are air conditioned, I might find a Spring and Summer need for it!  The cut isn’t quite the same — this one is a bit longer, but that’s good because Now I am a bit rounder.

I was just thinking about that original blazer. The only reason I don’t still have it is because I loaned it to my flaky roommate, Rachel. She wore it somewhere one evening and returned home without it. She was like, “Oh, I must have lost it. tee hee hee hee” I suggested she go back and get it, but she had no idea where she’d been! “Oh, Ben and I must have hit 10 different night clubs. You can look for it if you want. I’m not going to. Besides, it’s not like it was new or all that attractive.” I wanted to know why she’d borrowed it when it wasn’t good enough to be worn. She told me the discussion was over and she didn’t wish to talk to me any more if I couldn’t be reasonable. And that was one of the high points of our relationship.


  1. Fortunately I didn’t lent her my blazer ! I would have pulled her on her hairs through all nightclubs she had been ! No, really some people are impossible !

  2. I like Gattina’s solution! In my life I’ve had a few favourite dresses and I wore them into rags – then cried throwing them away LOL. A special garment just seems to become part of you after a while.

    You’ve reminded me that if I’m going back to work again soon (no farm where we’re headed), I’ll need to rebuild a working girl’s wardrobe again. Oh dear!

  3. What an awful attitude she had!! I haven’t had that experience with clothes, but I have with books, and haven’t come across quite so calloused an attitude, but have come across careless ones from borrowers.

    I have also had favorite clothes that I have worn almost to rags.

    1. Barbara – -she behaved much the same way when she set the kitchen on fire and did a few other remarkably bizarre things.

  4. People like Rachel are the reason I’m very hesitant to let people “borrow” things from me. I leant my roommate a book and a shirt that was still fairly new, never got them back either. Oh well, lesson learned. Never lend things to roommates!

    1. SN — well, I made the mistake of leaving the blazer hanging in the laundry room and she already had it on when she asked if she could wear it. I was more careful not to leave my things out after that.

  5. I hope that whoever found your blazer loved it as much as you did — it truly sounded like a wonderful part of a good wardrobe.
    I once had a clothing makeover (can’t remember what it’s called) and a blazer was #1 on my list of things to go buy. I never did — I have broad shoulders and long arms, and that makes everything expensive. Add in all of my extra weight, and unless I were to have someone make me a blazer, there is probably no way I could buy one off the rack. By the time I get these pounds off, we won’t have the money for a blazer.
    But I can dream…

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