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Tea Time

Amoeba and I are tea drinkers. We like hot, caffeinated tea for breakfast, flavored ice tea any time all day long, and a nice hot cup of herbal mint tea (Amoeba) or Chamomile-Honey tea (me) before bed. We occasionally use bagged tea, but we prefer loose tea seeped properly in a warmed pot. To make perfect tea, warm the pot, add the tea in the infuser of your choice, and then pour the boiling water over the top. Each tea has it’s own preferred steep time to ensure peak flavor.

Amoeba takes a thermos full of hot tea to work with him and sips it all day long. He likes to change up his flavors from time to time. I am thinking of ordering him a Russian Samovar Tea from the TeaGschwendner Internet Shop and a lovely ceylon tea, perhaps Nuwara Eliya, as well. They would be his lunch time teas this go around. I am a white tea fan and am also considering the Fancy White Peony for me.

We have a lovely glass teapot with a built in infuser. Amoeba and I generally use that pot when we are both going to enjoy the same tea. If we each want different flavors — which often happens with our last cup of the evening — I just brew our individual choices in mugs using individual serving infusers.

If you are tea fans, you’ll want to check out the TeaGschwendner Internet Shop. It has a great variety of tea choices. You will also find tea pots, mugs, infusers and other tea related treats. I have my eye on a lovely green tea carafe. I am also liking the black cast iron coasters.


  1. Since 4 years I became a fervent tea drinker too, before that I hated it, don’t know why suddenly my mind or body changed. Now I drink a lot of strong black coffee in the morning and the afternoons are dedicated to tea ! Real good English tea, green tea, and then hibiscus tea (karkade) and all fruit teas the only tea I hate is mint and camomille tea it reminds me my childhood when I was sick and I had to drink these teas, lol !

  2. I don´t really like tea, but you make it sound so good, I´ll have to try it more often. 🙂
    Especially since coffee won´t let me sleep anymore….

    1. Barbara — I slowly acquired a taste for hot tea because most every one in my family drank it. It wasn’t something I truly appreciated until adulthood.

  3. I love tea too! Coffee in the morning… tea in the evening! I really DO want to get into the loose tea thing! Right now… I’m still a bag lady! LOL!

  4. I enjoy my tea too. I usually have at least one cup a day. Hot or cold. You mentioned that you have a glass tea pot. Have you ever seen the flowering teas? If not, you should try one in your glass pot. They are really neat!

    1. Church Lady — I only have a 3 cup glass pot. I don’t think it is big enough for the flowering teas I have seen. They do look really cool and would make a great luncheon center piece and tea service.

  5. Oh I drink far too much tea, I usually just enjoy the ordinary orange pekoe (not a fan of iced tea), prepared as you say. I do like a wee bit of 1% milk in it, but no sugar.

    My sister went to s specialty tea shop and found something called “strawberry popcorn tea”… we didn’t try it, it sounded really really odd.

  6. i like a cup of teain the afternoon and yes, i prefer loose tea to the bags. not too fond of strongly flavoured varieties, though, and milk is a no-no in my cup of tea

  7. My favorite tea brew is a combination of black tea and soda water it’s served tepid. It is oh so lip-smacking. I love exotic teas, but they get so costly and the neighborhood choice is not so decent. I’ve turned to the web to find the teas I need, but No one website is at all times the bottom price, so I linked above a search engine which lists the very best offers occurring, reply if you know of any other places.

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