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Still on My Bucket List

I probably fished before I walked. My dad was an avid fisherman and I grew up following him from lake to river to stream. I never got to follow him deep sea fishing, but it has always been one of my dreams. Amoeba and I discussed going a few times when we lived in Oahu, but free time was pretty hard to come by.

Hawaii Fishing looks very different from the type of fishing I grew up doing. The poles are bigger. The tackle is different. And the fish don’t look like anything I am used to, either. I would definitely need a guide.

I was checking out the video above and reading a bit about Maui Fishing. It looks like fun doesn’t it? I would so much love to catch my own Mahi Mahi or Ahi for dinner. I think it would taste that much better if I hooked it myself.


  1. Whoa hey, that’s cool! I wanna try fishing but it seems hard? I can’t just beach anywhere here cos I live in the city, haha!

    Let us know if you get to try fishing Hawaii style!

  2. .
    Those look like fun fish to catch, Quilly. I would love to do that!
    Mrs. Jim used to go fishing with here grandmother down to the Calcasieu River in Central Louisiana. She did not like that.
    My dad never took me fishing. My grandmother took me to a fish hatchery in Missouri. Tthat is the closest I was to fishing growing up.
    After growing up I went fishing with my girl friend in 1954, with my ex-wife and four kids in 1964, and for my birthday in 2003. All three of those excursions were very enjoyable.
    I would go Maui Fishing with you if Mrs. Jim could come along. We plan to be on the West Coast around November this year.

    1. Thom – -when I asked if you ever went out in your boat, you said, “Not anymore.” and something about not knowing why you keep the boat and how much work it is.

  3. I’ve never been deep sea fishing — and I’ve always wanted to also! We ALMOST made it two summers ago while we were at the beach – but then the weather turned and we couldn’t get out before our vacation was over. *sigh* I have been out charter boat fishing though – in the BAY for rockfish — that was fun — but it was also disappointing because almost as soon as the fish gets NEAR the boat — after you’ve done all the reeling — the deck hands grab your pole and THEY land the fish! I was really TICKED about it – and so were the rest of my family! Didn’t matter if it was one of the men or one of the women — NONE of us got to LAND our own fish! Dennis says it’s the same when you go deep sea fishing. The fish are way bigger so as soon as they get near the boat one of the hands leans over with that big hook thing and pulls them in. I think I’d rather just rent a boat, or go out on a friends boat and fish by ourselves! If I’m gonna CATCH it, I wanna CATCH it! 🙂

    1. Melli — I feel pretty much like you do. Did anybody tell the guys to back off? “Yo, dude, if you want me to pay you you’ll let me lose or land my own fish.”

  4. I prefer creek or river fishing, and enjoy fly fishing too – think we might do that this summer, now that Wee One is old enough to enjoy it. I would like to experience deep sea fishing, but I’m not so sure I’d enjoy it – seems a little too much like work if you actually catch something! 😉

    1. Jenn — that’s precisely why I don’t want to charter a boat to go fishing. I don’t want to pay big bucks to discover it wasn’t the fun I anticipated. I like fishing from river banks. I take my pole, a can of worms and a book. I come home with dinner and a story read.

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