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Magnetic Advertising

Okay, my business cards are working out big time!  My phone is ringing. How cool is that?

Now I think it is time to kick it up to the next notch and get Advertising Magnets. I can get my business cards printed with magnetic backs. That way people would always have my number and my Avon info on their fridge which I bet they never misplace.

I am also contemplating getting a couple of those magnetic car signs for my car door. Then I would always be advertising my Avon business. Not only that, all the mileage I put on my car with the signs attached is tax deductible!

I just took out a one week ad in the newspaper. It cost me just under $20.00. For a little over twice that much I could get the magnetic door signs. I could use them for weeks on end — months even — and only pay the one time fee. Plus, I’d get much better exposure.

Those door signs would also work well with another Avon selling strategy. At our last monthly meeting Cynthia told me I should always carry bagged Avon books and a window hook in my car, then when I park I hang a few Avon books out and interested passersby can grab one. That car sign might lead people in the parking lot to approach the car and see the books.

Or I could create a shape magnet. I think a magnet shaped like a bottle of nail polish (only bigger, of course) with my Avon contact info on it might be catchy. And all of these strategies combined (implemented one at a time, of course) will slowly help me grow my business.


    1. Betty —
      I know. I just keep going back-and-forth, car signs or shape magnets – -which should I do first?

      1. Well, if you still have plenty of business cards, have the car sign made up first; when you get close to running out of business cards, get those shape magnets ordered. 🙂

  1. Don’t abandon the newspaper! Was it a classified ad? Newspapers offer frequency discounts. You can advertise just ONE thing like:

    A peaches and cream complexion
    can be yours with Avon and
    Quintessentially Quilly !!

  2. I have never, never, never, misplaced a fridge.
    And if anyone *could*, it would have been me.

    I like those ideas! One day it would be a lot of fun doing it for a brand-new book, I’m thinking.

    1. Susan — yeah, the reason I figured it was a safe bet that fridges don’t get lost often is that Amoeba has never lost ours. The car keys, his hat & his glasses we lose often, but never the fridge. And what a super book promotion that would make!

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