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When Shopping Pays

From the popularity of my shopping posts, I know that the majority of you love to shop online. Did you know that if you do so wisely, you can actually earn cash back? I kid you not. With Ma Cashback: Get Paid To Shop you earn cash rewards.

Unlike other “get cash back” programs, you don’t win merchandise or get paid in gift certificates.  You actually win cash that you can spend however your little heart desires.  You can take the check and put it in your kids tuition account, blow it on jujubes and gummy bears, or save it for that great island vacation you’ve always wanted.  It doesn’t matter what you do with the money because it is yours.

What’s more,  you can win extra money by referring your friends to shop with ma Cashback’s earnings program. If you refer a friend who makes a purchase, you earn a dividend. Now how cool is that?  You not only get paid when you shop, you get paid when your friends shop, too.  I think it’s time to have an “internet mall” shopping party, don’t you.

Let’s recap: you earn money for shopping. You earn money when your friends shop using your referral. You earn money.  What’s more, you can use that moneyany way you wish.  Of course if you wish, you can ask for your ma earnings to pay out in gift certificates from a variety of places, or you can request to be paid by check and drop the money in your savings account. It is yours. You earned it.

The ma Cashback also provides a product search engine and comparison shopping features, to make certain you are getting the best deals all the way around.  With over 3000 partner stores and 35 million products to choose from, making maCashback your primary internet shopping site is potentially quite profitable in both savings and earnings aspects.  There is no cost to join maCashback, either.  Check it out.  You can start saving and earning today.

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  1. Wow. That sounds something like a program I belong to here in Ireland, which earned me enough to keep my cell phone credit topped up — and I didn’t shop much at all, compared to many people.

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