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Apartment Hunting Made Safe

When Amoeba and I moved here to our fabulous home in Friday Harbor, we found the house online, asked for photos, then sent a friend to check the place out. As you know, we were thrilled with the results and love where we live. Our house is a joy to me everyday.

In 1997 when I moved to Vegas, I rented my apartment online, saw photos, and felt secure in my decision because I’d chosen a gated community. Then I arrived to discover that my gated community was in a highly industrialized area and the streets around it were deserted at night. Scary since I had to walk a couple of blocks to and from the bus stop at least twice a day.

Now folks who are relocating can rely on Apartment Grade to provide them with accurate apartment ratings and up-to-date rental information. That has to be a relief to parents who are sending their kids off to college and settling them in housing units so far away from home.

It has got to be a relief for people relocating because of their jobs, too. Not everyone is lucky enough to have someone they know and trust already at their destination. Apartment Grade can fill that gap and provide the assurance that the rental property is indeed what it claims to be.


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    I just listened on Dateline NBC about Colten Harris Moore. He is a notorious teenage crook who lives with you guys there on San Juan Island. He even steals airplanes!

    He is a hero, bigtime, with American teens. πŸ˜‰

    1. Jim — Colton Harris Moore is from Orcas Island, not San Juan Island. Anyone who thinks that punk is a hero is a fool. He is going to end up getting himself or someone else killed.

      1. (Quilly, Please excuse me)

        From my “just for fun” blog:

        Jim. You are getting on my last nerve. I think I’ll kill your comment because you’re a lunatic.

        And then maybe this blog just to keep you away from it. You’re absolutely pathetic.

        1. Karen — you could post this on Jim’s blog and leave me out of your war. I promote friendship and harmony here. Since your beef with Jim isn’t on my site, I’d appreciate it if you didn’t bring it here.

          1. Karen — in the interest of friendship and harmony — apology accepted! And I know that sometimes it is hard to hold one’s peace when one is ticked.

      2. .
        Dateline had about 20 minutes about him. Over and over they said San Juan. I don’t remember them saying Orcas Island but then I hadn’t heard of it anyway.

        The ‘safe’ associated with house hunting prompted me to mention the boy. And of course I don’t think he is a hero.

        1. This grouping of islands is called The San Juan Islands. There is Lopez, Orcas, San Juan and Shaw. CHM lived on Orcas and most of his escapades took place there. I haven’t bothered to blog about him because I don’t wish to contribute to his legend or fame, which is what making his name available to search engines does.

  2. A brave woman you are, too! Mr. Fairway is helping the eldest, who is 1,000 miles away, buy a new car. But he’s letting his fingers do the walking, through the Internet. I think he’ll end up going out there to seal the deal, but the World Wide Web does make our lives a tad easier, oui?

    1. Melissa — is it bravery? Or is it the same thing that made me ride my bike off a cliff when I was a kid? It was there …. Still, I would have used Apartment Grade had it existed!

    1. Mar — Punny Monday was being held captive by auto-post. It wouldn’t allow me to post it and I had to copy, save, delete and repost!

  3. That IS a worry for me; my kid’s hoping to go to Savannah next year and I don’t know a thing about that area. I’ll keep this link, thanks!

    And you’re right, Punny monday IS really hard this week — I can’t even find it! Or waaaait… is that the pun… is the missing post actually the puzzle? Hm, let me work on it…

    1. Susan — the puzzle of the missing post hasn’t been solved. I have no idea why the post went missing, but I rescued it. It left me feeling rather strung out.

  4. I am going back to read about My Fair Lady but I liked the photos. I am commenting here because the of the number of comments.
    Apartment Grade would be a good tool to have in moving. When my daughter went to Boston, she rented in a gated community, but found she was in a high crime area as you did. She would also have to walk from where the bus stopped, but she had a very nice bus driver who would take her to the gate.

    1. Betty — Penny was lucky. My bus driver couldn’t have driven me to the gate if he wanted to. The private entrance never would have let it through to turn around.

    1. Caryl — I was having trouble finding it, too. The auto-post feature on WordPress kidnapped it and didn’t want to give it back.

  5. I’m glad we can ship our kid to grandma or the aunt, who will then drop him off at college! Plus he has to live in the dorm for his first year.
    I can’t imagine looking for a new home without the internet. It has certainly revolutionized how we shop!

    1. Karen — when my cousin and I “went away” to college we lived with our Grandmother. I still remember that as among the best times of my youth.

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