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In Search of An ISP

I love the internet.  I know most of you because of the internet, and without it we never would have met.  We flit around through cyberspace visiting hither and yon without a thought given to to technology that gets us where we’re going — until it doesn’t work.

By now we’ve learned that all internet providers are not created equal. Not only do they offer different products, from dial-up (yep, it’s still out there and some folks, like out own dear Susan, are still using it) to satellite hook up, they offer vastly different prices and customer support.

For me, customer support is a biggie. If I want help, I want it now! Amoeba and I chose an ISP provider that is available online and via telephone 24/7/365 to answer questions and talk us down from the ledge when things go wrong. (It is technology, sooner or later things always go wrong.)

If you are currently engaged in a love-hate relationship with your ISP provider and think it might be time to move on, check out the Internet Providers Directory for provider reviews on standard and high speed dial up, broadband internet, internet security and VOiP services. You can easily compare and contrast products and services, which will help you choose a provider that can meet your technical needs.


  1. I absolutely LOVE all of my provider services! Comcast is NEVER down unless we have realllllllllly bad weather — and even THEN they get it back up and running SUPER FAST!!! I have REALLY been blessed, especially considering that I live in the boonies! Because even when we had dial-up, with another company, their service was exemplary!

    1. Melli — I had one — a FAMOUS one — that I learned to detest for ever increasing prices and ever decreasing customer service.

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