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Cast Photo for My Fair Lady

As you likely know by now, Amoeba has a couple of parts in the San Juan Island Community Theater production of My Fair Lady. The photo above is of the entire cast, orchestra and most of the crew of the play. Photo credit goes to Ken Serratt of Digital San Juan.  Ken stitched this photo together from 5 different shots.

If you have missed our other posts on the play, Amoeba has a couple up: Cockneys; and, Dude and Dude: Singin’ ‘n’ Dancin’.  And yesterday I posted: My Fair Mister which includes a few of my own snapshots and a couple of videos, one the play trailer and an exceptional montage put together by Ken Serratt, who plays Doolittle in the production.


    1. Karen — yeah, one with a willingness to make a fool of himself and talent enough to not make a fool of himself!

  1. WOW! He really did a GREAT job knitting! I love that Amoeba is such a recognizable character – I can always pick him out! 🙂

  2. well done amoeba!
    i could never perform in a theatre or anywhere else for that matter (except maybe some obscure sport)

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