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Get Your Free Pizza Here!

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Freschetta. All opinions are 100% mine.

Amoeba and I just had a FREE pizza party for two.  Keep reading to discover how to get your own totally free 8 slices of delicious.

Freschetta sent me 5 free pizza coupons — that’s five, free, full-size pizzas! I was to use two and give three away. My instructions were:

  1. buy two Freschetta FlatBread Pizzas using two of the coupons
  2. cook and eat the pizzas
  3. blog about your dining experience
  4. give away three coupons on your blog

At dinner tonight while Amoeba and I were munching on our two delicious Freschetta Pizza’s, we had an ethics discussion. We don’t want to give the coupons away, sigh, but we’re going to.  Three of you will be enjoying delicious Freschetta Pizzas courtesy of The Schwan Food Co.  You do not have to sign up for anything or agree to blog about the pizza. If you win all you have to do is heat it and eat it.

Our pizza adventure started with a bit of a glitch.  I took my coupons — good for any Freschetta Pizza — and bebopped to our favorite grocery store.  They had a dazzling array of Freschetta Pizza, but none with a Flatbread crust.  I was disappointed but not daunted.  I tripped off to our second favorite grocery store (the only other full-sized grocery store in Friday Harbor).  They did not have Freschetta Flatbread Pizza, either.

At that point I was really bummed.  I had a bad case of the mouth watering tasties for the Freschetta Faltbread Roasted Garlic & Spinach pizza.  So I pocketed my coupons and took them with me today when we ferried to the mainland to furniture shop.  On the way home I told Amoeba I wanted to buy the flatbread pizza in Anacortes since I couldn’t get it on the island.  The logistics didn’t work out.  We had an hour wait for the ferry and then an hour ferry ride to get home, so the pizza would have been too thoroughly defrosted before we ever got home and that wouldn’t have given it a fair taste test.

However, I did buy two pizzas when we got to the island, a Freschetta Premium Original Crust PizzAmoré Meat Medley Pizza, which both Amoeba and I found quite delicious; and a Freschetta Supreme Pizza with Naturally Rising Crust which truly is supreme and our favorite of the two.  The cheese is hot, melty and stringy.  The sauce is perfect.  And the crust is beyond delicious — crisp yet soft, chewy but tender — perfection.

One more thing before I get to the giveaway — Amoeba and I have tried several brands of packaged pizzas in the last few months.  This was our first experience with a Freschetta Pizza and the brand is now our uncontested favorite.  Freschetta has a wonderful pizza sauce, they are generous with their toppings and cheese, the self-rising crust is better than many I have been served in restaurants, and the price is competitive.

And now I will get to what you’ve been waiting for — the pizza giveaway.  I have three manufacturer’s coupons each of which are good for one FREE Freschetta Pizza (up to $8.39).  The expiration date on these coupons is May 31st, 2010, so you’ll have to use it quickly. The coupons are only good in the United States.  (Sorry.)

So, if your mouth is watering and you want to be included in the random drawing (three people will each receive one coupon) describe your favorite pizza meal.  For me it is an ice cold Pepsi, a piping hot meat lover’s pizza and a nice crisp side salad with blue cheese dressing.  What’s on your menu?

Oh!  I almost forgot.  If you don’t win a pizza, or if one free pizza isn’t enough to feed your family, visit Freschetta online and print out your very own $1.00 off coupon, then spread the word on Facebook so your friends can get their own $1.00 coupons, too.

(Winners will be chosen from the entries by the Random Number Generator. I will contact you if you win. Be prepared to share your mailing address. Entry deadline: Midnight, May 13th, 2010 — one entry per person and/or blog.)


  1. I’d love to be considered. As you know, I have a teen son. He inhales pizza, but it would be nice to give him one that actually has some flavor!

    My favorite Pizza Meal — A Generous George’s Mediterranean with Genoa Salami (the med has diced marinated tomatoes, feta cheese and yummy spices). I have water to drink (I’m the driver and I don’t like ice tea) and my husband has a Sam Adams. The kids like the positive pasta experience — pizza crust with some kind of pasta on it — often spaghetti or something along those lines. And of course, they both order root beer.

    1. Kelley — you’ve been assigned #1. Good luck! Remember, you can still get the dollar off coupon on the Freshchetta website!

  2. Yum. I’m in.

    I love either good old fashioned cheese pizza or ham & pineapple pizza. Give me a salad and a Dr. Pepper or sweet tea and I’m happy.

    1. Linda — you’ve been assigned #2. Good luck! Remember, you can still get the dollar off coupon on the Freshchetta website!

  3. I’ll pass on the coupon — although I LOVE Freschetta pizza… but I’m just not eating it often right now, and when I DO splurge on pizza it’s pizzaria pizza! 🙂

  4. Okay I’m in on this. Now here’s the deal. If I win you have to hold the coupon until my arrival in FH. Then you have to cook the dang thing LOL 🙂

    1. Thom – -okay. I will have to buy the Pizza before you get here though because the coupon expires May 30th. If you win you’ll need to pick a flavor.

      You are contestant #3.

  5. Free Pizza? Okay I’m in on this. Now here’s the deal:

    You don’t have to blog about it.
    You won’t end up on a mailing list.
    You don’t have to pay for anything.

    If you leave a comment, will enter you in the drawing.
    If you win the drawing I mail you a manufacturer’s coupon for a free pizza.
    The end.

  6. OMG! you do have my mouth watering now!!! I LOVE pizza!! Haven’t tried Freschetta and it does sound delicious! So count me in! How fun!!

    Thanks, Melli

    1. Sylvia — you are contestant #5. Good luck! Remember, you can still get the dollar off coupon on the Freshchetta website!

    1. Raven — not I! You are contestant #6. Good luck! Remember, you can still get the dollar off coupon on the Freshchetta website!

  7. Would love to win!! That would let me off the hook having to come up with something for one of Kendra’s lunches!!! (of course I will help her with it!! wouldn’t want to her to put on any extra pounds) XOXOOX love you

  8. I’m not so good with the puns and stuff, but this is a contest that I can sink my teeth into. (hardy-har-har-har) 😉 My favorite pizza meal is at the Broadway Bar and Pizza in north Minneapolis. My fav is a sausage/pepperoni with extra cheese and a coke. They have a paper thin crust with a sauce that’s to die for. Anyone want to meet me in Mpls? 🙂

      1. ok
        i admit i didnt read the directions
        which stated plainly “describe your favorite pizza meal”
        my fave is a georgio’s gorilla pizza
        and a grape soda
        georgio’s is our neighborhood joint
        and a gorilla pizza is a really big pizza they sell slices from
        they almost never sell a whole gorilla
        but sometimes shawn carr can smuggle one out the back door

          1. you can have coke, diet coke, sprite, seirra mist, orange crush,grape crush, fanta orange, fanta grape, sunkist orange, fresca, tab, dr pepper, diet dr pepper, hawiian punch, ginger ale and orange juice , apple juice, cranberry juice, milk, chocolate milk, diet pepsi and pepsi.
            and they have baklava and peggy lawton chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

  9. You made me crave pizza haha but this isn’t an entry as I don’t think we have that brand in Canada anyways so a coupon won’t help haha, I just wanted to tell you that I’m craving pizza and it’s your fault :p

        1. Well, if you’re going to hold me to the pizza, just don’t stick any of my bare skin to the hot cheese, please. 😉

    1. Betty — we won’t tell Melli so she’ll never know — unless of course you win and she reads the announcement! 😉 You are contestant #11.

    1. Amanda — I am not certain that the random number generator can be bribed, but perhaps if you talk nicely to it … 😉 You are contestant #12.

  10. Sounds like a wonderful after-school snack for my boys!
    I might snitch a slice myself 😉
    What fun!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win, Quilly!

    1. Oh, and favorite pizza meal: a margherita pizza with fresh herbs, freshly sliced tomatoes and freshly sliced mozzarella cheese. Add a bowl of salad greens drizzled with olive oil and I am a very happy camper! With such a lovely meal I’d probably have a glass of wine.

      1. Karen — I have never had a Margherita pizza. I guess I should give it a nibble, huh? You are contestant #13.

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