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Thom & Quilly

Thom mentioned a restaurant he’d visited in Seattle and wondered if he could find it again on his up coming trip.

Quilly said that during the time he spent in Friday Harbor he should at least eat one meal at The Bait Shop.

Thom asked, “Why? Do they serve worms?”

Quilly told Thom that she’d never seen a worm seated at one of the Bait Shop tables, but he shouldn’t worry because she was certain they would serve him.

Ba da boom.

Quilly should be ashamed of herself — but she’s not.


  1. TOUCHE!!! Bet Thom liked that repartee. There are so many fine restaurants in the world and so many delightful cuisines. I want to experience all of it.

  2. Quilly takes the bait and clamps down!
    She got you Thom. All the same, if they serve it I wouldn’t order the spagetti…. πŸ™‚

    1. Carletta — I have had a couple of great burgers and a wonderful salad at The Bait Shop, but I don’t remember ever seeing spaghetti on the menu. I’ll look next time we venture in.

  3. ouch! LOL! (well, not exactly loughing out loud but definitely laughing inside)
    (note to self: never ask silly questions in quilly’s presence)

  4. The Bait Shop has really excellent food!! I’m dying for one of those open face burger/nacho/heart-attack-providing/food of the gods sandwiches I had. MUUUUUUCH better than the chlorophyll cocktail. πŸ™‚

  5. Now that was a good one! It reminds me of the mushroom joke…..When the mushroom walks into a bar and asks for a drink and the bartender says, “we don’t serve mushrooms here”, and the mushroom says, “why not, I’m a “fungi” (fun guy). hee hee hee!

    Glad Thom has a great sense of humor, like you!

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