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My Life With Computers

I love computers.  I have much to thank the world of computing for. If it weren’t for computers I wouldn’t know all of you. Without computers I wouldn’t know Amoeba, and he is the love of my life.

Without computers I would also have a lot less stress. Right now I have one sitting in the dining room, my big Dell desktop, that will soon be on its way to the computer doctor. It has developed a wheeze and refuses to acknowledge the monitor unless I run in safe mode — which pretty much means none of my programs or graphics will work anyway. Pft.

We have managed to get Amoeba’s old Mac laptop computer fixed, and one of the wonderful IT guys out at the labs even saved all the photos — in a medium that only corresponds to Macs and won’t speak to my PCs. sigh That means I have to access what I want and processes it on the Mac, then transfer it online or email it to myself so I can get it to the computer that houses my preferred software programs ….

So, once again I would like to thank my dear friend Thom for the gift of this little Acer Netbook. It is the machine that is getting all of my blogging, working and playing done. Yesterday it helped me make my posters for the upcoming church Bible Study and this afternoon it will begin cranking out the church newsletter. In a few minutes — just after I retrieve my cottager cheese and gravy from the microwave — it will play a game of Four Winds (Chinese Rummy) with me.


  1. Oh yes, computers are great friends! 🙂 Mine plays many games with me too.
    Too bad they can be so fickle…

  2. What would we do without ’em. Glad it’s helping you Q. I have to say however now that I have my ipad I will never go to a note book. Prefences I suppose. Have fun with your game. 🙂

    1. Thom — crossing platforms is a pain. I wish we were all MAc, but we haven’t got the finances for that.

  3. Quilly, I still have problems with the cursor jumping to the top of the piece I am writing. I wonder if it is due to a conflict between the mouse pad in the Acer netbook and the cordless mouse I bought.

    Perhaps I should completely disable the mousepad and use the cordless mouse exclusively. But that would mean I could not use the netbook in the airport.

    What is your solution to this problem, if any?

    1. Gigi — I still have problems with it too. I haven’t found a fix. I travel with a cordless mouse and keyboard — extra stuff to carry.

  4. .
    Good post here, Quilly. I often think about the changes just a few years have made in personal communications. Too, postage would break us up running newsletters that no one would read. Then think viruses, games, problem solving, bookkeeping, control, …

    Acer bought Gateway. This computer is a Gateway laptop and I love it. My curser flies to the top or to the nearest ‘hot button.’ The latter causes e-mail to send halfway through its composition. Turn the mouse off or unplug the receiver and things will behave.

  5. Okay, I tried removing the receiver and using the touchpad on the Acer netbook. Conclusion: It does not solve the problem. After awhile, the cursor started to jump around again.

    Quilly, I mentioned your name in my blog today. Check out why.

  6. After googling the jumping cursor issue, I learned that this problem happens on other brands of computers also. People say that the culprit is WINDOWS 7.

  7. I remember Homer Simpson calling alcohol “the cause of — and solution to — all life’s problems”. But he could have been talking about computers in some cases!

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