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    1. Thom — don’t know what a pyre is? It is a funeral fire. In this case I mean it to refer to the ending of the day. I recall quite clearly that when I took this photo (in Waikiki, you were with me) I was very much missing Amoeba, who was on the mainland.

        1. Thom — way back in the day when you were just a baby playing with dinosaurs, burning the dead over a huge open fire was common in many cultures. Those fires were known as pyres.

    1. Kelley — look closely at the photo — biggie it — the reflection was actually on my camera lens, not the water. This photo just blows me away.

  1. Fantastic photo. The first haiku is very mournful – it actually made me think of wolves howling in the night.

  2. brilliant haikus, quilly! the sunset haiku is haunting… makes me miss someone now too. an inward glance to our hearts is what we should never forget to do to always stay on the right track. this is what real reflection is all about. 🙂

    a big hug for you!

  3. wow to the photo although i remember seeing it before (i think)

    these are definitely not the kind of reflections one would use in a haiku but i can relate to the first one

    1. Polona — yep, you’ve seen the photo on a previous post. I know these aren’t traditional haiku. Just for you, I usually try to do it right but last night I was just too tired and sickly to expend the energy. Sorry.

      1. Q – no need to apologise whatsoever. i am aware this is supposed to be a fun meme without any aspirations to produce the ‘real’ haiku. and you really don’t have to do anything for my sake although it’s great to see when you do 🙂

  4. I love the imagery of the funeral pyre vs the setting sun. Even though I hated history in school, on my own I love pre-roman celtic britain, and basically ancient history in general, and the image of the pyre fascinates me.

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