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A Formula For Saving Money

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of PBM Products. All opinions are 100% mine.

Throughout our lifetime food is probably the biggest budget expenditure any one of us will ever have. It is a lifetime expense that follows us from birth to the grave. And since parents pay the food bill for several mouths, the bottom line can be staggering. That’s why it is such a relief to know that Parent’s Choice® baby formulas can reduce your infants food bill by over 50%.

I’m not kidding! I just used the Parent’s Choice® Savings Calculator and the price difference between Parent’s Choice® Premium and the other leading brand’s premium formula was over 49%!  Given that they basically supply the same amount of calories and nutrients, the price difference is staggering.   Since everything else is pretty much equal, wise parents choose Parent’s Choice®.

The Parent’s Choice® website even provides a handy Formula Finder to help parents identify the perfect formula to meet their baby’s needs.  One of the young mothers at church has just discovered her newborn is lactose intolerant.  Parent’s Choice® Sensitivityâ„¢ Infant Formula was created to provide optimal nutrition to lactose-sensitive infants.

Parent’s Choice® formulas can help young families save a significant amount of money.  Money that can be used for mortgage payments or set aside for college tuition.   Meeting their babies health and nutrition needs should be a parent’s first priority and Parent’s Choice® can help meet those needs without stressing the family budget.  If you’ve never tried Parent’s Choice® but would like to, visit their website, choose which formula best meets your child’s needs, and then order your free sample.  Parent’s Choice® has a formula that will save you money.

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