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Summer Wedding, Here I come!

This is a guest post by Yolanda Reynolds.

My cousin is getting married this summer. It’s a very casual wedding at a local park. I’m sure it will be warm and uncomfortable. I looked though my closet and realized that all my sundresses are too casual. I wasn’t terribly excited over the thoughts of shopping for a new dress and shoes.

I don’t really enjoy the hustle and bustle of mall shopping. Sifting through rack after rack of dresses with my mother wrinkling her nose at every choice isn’t my idea of a fun afternoon. I prefer shopping using wild blue online while relaxing on my comfortable couch with my dog. Being a common size and shape, I don’t have much trouble buying online. Besides, if there is a problem with the fit or the dress doesn’t have that “wow” factor, I can just repackage it and return it. It’s almost too easy!

I visited every website imaginable looking for the right dress. I settled on a really cute Rachel Roy dress from Macy’s. The colors in the dress coordinate with the wedding theme and colors. I was very lucky to have found it! It has spaghetti straps, a blosoun bodice, and hits right above the knee. For shoes, I chose a simple and lightweight pair of Bandolino sandals. They are a sparkly silver with sexy stiletto heels. I almost feel guilty about looking so good for the wedding! Almost!

The buying process was really straightforward and fast – thanks to my satellite internet service. Today I am thankful for two things: internet shopping and my fast service! I’m a happy, happy girl!


    1. Doug — sorry I left you two alone so long. Other matters came up at home — like Amoeba wanting tomato soup and ale-ing women.

    1. Have a nice day … ? Sorry I was late with my personal post. Amoeba is ailing and wanted special foods that required a shopping trip. I indulged him because I know how my tummy is when I am ill.

    1. Thom — you don’t sit shopping, either. You dash about through the store yelling, “Ten of these twelve of those! I don’t care what they cost, put them in the basket!”

  1. I love Macy’s. A really long time ago, I bought a pair of black suede stilettos at one of their stores. I used to wear them with jeans. That was before the internet was invented, tho.

      1. Are you joking? Those stilettos went to Shoe Heaven years ago. But I did notice a pair of Bandolino Espadrille sling-backs available EXCLUSIVELY through Macy’s online. (I may have to investigate further!)

        Did the amoeba enjoy his tomato and wild turkey soup?

  2. Yeesh, for a moment there I was excited about your new dog. *sigh*. Okay, Yolanda’s dog LOL

    I just bought a few dresses online, but at eBay and Sundresses in Ireland? Not many! LOL

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