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In Need of Pain Relief

Since we went camping, my shoulder muscles have been tense and sore.  In fact , they often camp up on me to the point that I can’t stand upright and I feel as though my collarbone is being pulled out of place.   It is all muscle pain and most of it seems to come from a knot in my right shoulder just below my neck.

Lately I have been dreaming of muscle stimulators.  One was used on me in physical therapy after my car accident. I fell in love with that Tens Unit. TENS Units are used to alleviate any acute or chronic pain in virtually any part of the body — back, foot, shoulder, or neck. The TENS Unit uses electrical impulses to override the pain signal to the brain. And the results are almost instantaneous. You will know immediately what setting is works best to block your pain.

I would dearly love to have the LG-TEC Dual Combo TENS Unit and Muscle Stimulator.  It works on both muscles and nerves.  I am pretty sure that is what the machine that they used on me in physical therapy did.  When the techs would hook that machine to me, it was just like somebody switched the pain off.  It was wonderful.

If you visit LGMedSupply Online, you can check out the machines and their uses yourself. I am really surprised that they are so affordable and thrilled that the FDA considers them safe for home use. If you’re thinking one of these might work for your chronic pain, but are feeling cautious, by all means, talk to your doctor. I am not a medical expert and am not dispensing medical advice. You can also check out the LG Medical Supply online customer blog.


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