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Can a Cheap-Seat Still Be The Best Seat in The House?

Have you tried pricing event tickets lately? Yikes! It is almost (almost) enough to make me take up watching TV again! I just want a night’s entertainment and I don’t want to have to mortgage my house for it! Thankfully, I found And — just in time to keep Susan for getting homesick for Ireland — U2 concert tickets are now on sale.

On second thought, given the last several months of her time in Ireland, Susan might feel a bit more at home with Ringling Brothers Circus Tickets. Then again, given her talents for locking herself in escape proof rooms, perhaps David Copperfield Tickets would be a better idea. She could pick up a few pointers on how to escape from impossible places.

For my friends in Canada, sells tickets there, too. In fact, I saw some for Figure skating that I figure would make Teresa happy.  There were theater tickets, tickets for an endless array of sporting events, and tickets for a multitude of concerts in a multitude of places. One can easily find a ticket to match his/her taste and budget at


  1. When we were in NYC, we ended up with the cheapest seats in the theater for Phantom of the Opera. Of course, they weren’t seats at all: we stood at the rail for $26 per person.

      1. If there had only been 2 of us, we would have paid more, too!
        On the other hand, these were the ONLY “seats” left for a party of 6. Planning ahead would have been wise.

  2. Hey cool, I’m in your blog!!! 🙂 I’ll definitly have to check it out next time I’m getting some tickets then because figure skating events always cost me a fortune! And sometimes I have trouble finding people to attend events with me because they can’t afford them either. Thanks Quilly!

      1. When I saw “cheap tickets” I was interested, when I saw “figure skating” I was entertained, and when I saw “Teresa” I was delighed haha!

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