Can a Cheap-Seat Still Be The Best Seat in The House?

Have you tried pricing event tickets lately? Yikes! It is almost (almost) enough to make me take up watching TV again! I just want a night’s entertainment and I don’t want to have to mortgage my house for it! Thankfully, I found And — just in time to keep Susan for getting homesick for Ireland — U2 concert tickets are now on sale.

On second thought, given the last several months of her time in Ireland, Susan might feel a bit more at home with Ringling Brothers Circus Tickets. Then again, given her talents for locking herself in escape proof rooms, perhaps David Copperfield Tickets would be a better idea. She could pick up a few pointers on how to escape from impossible places.

For my friends in Canada, sells tickets there, too. In fact, I saw some for Figure skating that I figure would make Teresa happy.  There were theater tickets, tickets for an endless array of sporting events, and tickets for a multitude of concerts in a multitude of places. One can easily find a ticket to match his/her taste and budget at