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The Marriage Proposal

She said:  I received a marriage proposal in my email today.

He looked up from his computer screen, raised his eyebrows and said, “Oh?”

She said, “Yes, and I’m thinking about accepting it.”

His eyebrows raised even further and he seemed at a loss for words.

She said, “It was a pretty tempting proposal and you and I could both benefit from it.”

Now he looked really confused, but much less concerned.  “How’s that?”  He asked.

She said, “Maybe if I just read you the letter:”

Dear Sir,

I respectfully offer to be your bride.  I cook.  I clean.  I laundry your shirt and do this ironing.  I no complain. I be good wife.  You send me come to America.

Many Affections,


She said, “See. The house will be cleaned, the meals will be cooked. The laundry will be done. I’d kind of like having a wife.”

He shook his head and turned back to his computer. “Honey the only thing she wants to clean — if it even is a she — is your wallet!”

She was greatly disappointed.  Having a wife would be nice.


    1. Gigi — the letter did not give the woman’s nationality. I do know the name Sunee as Korean, but I don’t know that it is exclusive to the culture.

    2. It’s Thai, apparently meaning “good thing”. Which the sex industry that has been running in Thailand for decades most definitely is not.

    1. Polona — no request for dollars was made in this email, but Amoeba is certain that answering the email would elicit the request.

  1. My husband has a number of female coworkers who hear about his great deal of having a housewife and want one, too. Come to think of it, so do I!

  2. Well, we don’t have any wives at all in this household, but I could use one anyway that’s for sure and I doubt that Adam would protest! Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Time’s getting short and I am excited!!


    1. Susan — if you are choosing a wife, I think you get to choose her job duties as well, right? (Amoeba says it so doesn’t work that way. Darn.)

      1. Yup, darn. I might have accepted the proposal too for the same reasons 😉 .
        Great He Said-She Said. You always come up with such interesting & witty discussions.

  3. A wife of noble character . . . the goal would be Proverbs 31:1-10, but alas, I think the initial solicitation already blew the first verse!

    Thanks for sharing these lighter moments!

  4. .
    Good Quilly! 🙂
    Too bad he didn’g go for it. You would have enjoyed having a wife. I surely do.
    Oh yes, mine doesn’t do all those things she would. Mine is sort of DIY wife. Sunee must be one of the newer models.

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