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Happy 4th of July?

She asked:  “What time do you have to be in formation tomorrow for the parade?”

He said:  “The parade starts at 10:30, they want the marching band on-site at 10 a.m.”

She said, “Okay. There’s time between church and the parade then.”

He said, “Oh, that reminds me.  We have to be at church at seven in the morning.”

She said, “Church is at eight.”

He said, “I know, but Terry and I have to practice.  We’re doing an organ-trumpet duet in the service tomorrow.”

She gave him that look, and said, “You know I made you brownies?”

He looked a little confused by the change of subject, but said, “Yes, and I’d love one with some vanilla ice cream.”

She said, “Well, I wouldn’t have made them if you’d have told me this earlier!”

He laughed.

“So,” She said, “Church at seven, parade at ten, the community band immediately following, and then home to the block party?”

He said, “That’s about it.Yes.”

She said, “It’s Independence Day, honey, and you signed up to be a slave.”

He shrugged and fidgeted a bit, “You know I like to help out.”

She said, “They already made church an hour early because of the parade, then you made it an hour earlier, and I have to stay up late to watch the fireworks.”

He asked, “Have you ever heard of naps? You could always take one, you know.”

She said, “Yeah, and the party in our front yard won’t bother me a bit, will it?”

He said, “I don’t know.  The bedroom is on the other side of the house.”

She gave him that look and changed the subject. “Are we going to the labs to watch the fireworks?”

He asked, “Why? Do you really want to?  I might be too tired.”

“Oh,” She said. And then she asked, “Do you want a brownie and some French Vanilla ice cream?”

He looked surprised since He’d already answered that question, but happily answered, “Yes.  I would.”

And she said, “Tough!” Then walked away mumbling, “Church at seven a.m., no fireworks …” And her voice kept getting louder. “It’s Independence Day not National Exhaustion Day!”


Amoeba and I hope that you and yours have a wonderful day!


  1. Sounds like a long day but when you’re with the one you love it really doesn’t matter. 🙂
    Like the new profile shot. Reminds me I should update.

  2. Lucky you! We’ve been looking for something to do or attend, but it’s mostly fireworks-at-night, which scares my kids, or nothing, because everyone’s doing family stuff. We don’t have much family, and they’re far away, sooooo….

    Oh yeah, we’ve got Queen Teen’s birthday to celebrate, and now that she’s 20 I guess she’s not QT anymore really. Looks like I’ll be baking a cake before fireworks!

  3. We have church this morning, then friends coming over for a while, then a neighborhood block party this evening. The men in my house went up to PA yesterday to harvest “REAL” fireworks, so it could get very interesting.

    Count your blessings. In suburban MD just north of us, Montgomery County (the richest in the nation) is on water restriction while they repair a main. Everyone is supposed to cut their use by 30%. So far the water police have assessed one fine and given out dozens of violation notices. Imagine not being able to sluice down little kids after tons of watermelon . . . ick.

  4. That is some day you’ve got. You’ve not been there all that long and you’re already involved in so many things! Incredible. You have a lot to be thankful for though, not rest.

  5. Im amazed you didn’t respond to Charley then take a nap LOL Happy 4th to the both of you. I hope it’s a safe and fun day for you both. Sounds action packed 🙂

  6. phew, this sure sounds like a busy schedule for a holiday! still, hope you enjoy!
    (brownies with vanilla ice cream? yum!)

  7. Wow, sounds like an exceptionally busy day. Hope all goes well and you’re not too exhausted by the end of it all — and that you do get to see some fireworks at some point.

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