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And Maybe Some Fishing ….?

We’re going back to Hawaii at the end of this month. for three years I lived there and never got a chance to try my hand at deep sea fishing. I was just looking at this Awesome Maui Charter Fishing Gallery and wishing I had a picture of that of me next to some hurking big fish!

Amoeba said that maybe this time we could visit Maui, too. We’ve both always wanted to go there but his business always takes him to Oahu or Hawaii (aka “The Big Island”). We thought Maui might be an option since he only had to visit This Big Island this time. We could sneak in a couple of extra days for vacation and I could enjoy a Maui Fishing by Extreme adventure. And then Oahu called.

If we end up visiting Oahu it won’t be a hardship. I have a lot of friends there I love. I was just hoping I’d get to see Maui and fall in love with it, too!


  1. Wouldn’t I love a ‘business trip’ of any kind, to Hawaii! Have a wonderful time together when you go, with or without the fishing — maybe someday you and I can hit the Maui Writer’s Conference, eh?

  2. You lived there for three years?!! For some reason I thought it was like a year, maybe two. Time sure flies when you are having fun blogging.

  3. Q, call me if you do make it to Honolulu.

    Susan, the Maui Writers Conference moved to Oahu and just recently went out of business due to the economy. So, no more conferences. Too bad.

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