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Great Weather, Great Food, Great Conversation

The first time our wonderful deck was used for entertainment, Thom, Susan, the kids, Amoeba and I had a barbecue. It was cold and we brought the food inside to eat. Ditto the second time, although we didn’t mind the cold so much when we were roasting marshmallows.

Today we finally had our first actual Pacific Northwest Summer day. The day reached a reasonable temperature and it is in fact still nice and warm outside even though it is 11:22 P.m. and the sun has gone down. My windows are still open. So, the third time is a charm, we dined outside tonight for the very first time.

We invited a couple of Amoeba’s colleagues to join us for surf and turf on the barbecue. We had yummy fresh wild caught salmon and some absolutely wonderful flatiron steaks which my love grilled to perfection. I also served a fresh green salad with pecans, dried cranberries and orange slices; and my homemade pasta salad. Oh! And for starters, we had homemade pico de gallo and (store bought) tortilla chips. For finishers we had hot apple pie and french vanilla ice cream.


  1. I love eating outside and we’ve been able to do it a few times this year already and it’s only just officially summer! 🙂

    1. Akelamalu — we are enjoying our second great day ain a row and I am thinking we may be having dinner on the deck again tonight.

  2. I just had breakfast, but the food you mentioned makes my mouth water! Yummy!!
    Glad your weather is warming up…. FINALLY!

    1. Betty — Amoeba cooked the salmon and steaks to perfection. It was yummy and my salads weren’t bad, either.

  3. Sounds like my kind of barbecue! Eating in the outdoors is so enjoyable. It is near 100 here today and very humid, so my dinner will eaten inside for sure!

    BTW, is it me, or did you finally fix your header so that you can see the bottom half of the Q and the Y?? Looks great and your new photo too!

    1. CL — I didn’t fix my header. And you’ve just admitted that you still use IE. That is the only browser my template didn’t parse correctly in. Either an IE update fixed the problem or the WordPress update did. I don’t know which.

  4. nice to hear you finally had some nicely warm weather.
    i must be jinxed as regards the weather and have started telling everybody not to plan anything when i’m on vacation as the weather will totally suck (and it did for the most part these last couple of days)

  5. What? No pictures?
    That’s okay, I’ve got it all seared into my mind with those steaks… Mmmmmm….
    We’ve been grilling because it’s too hot to use the oven, but it’s also much too hot to stay outside. It feels like a sauna out there!

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