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Morning Excitement

Amoeba just flew off to Seattle on a seaplane. I have lots of pictures in my camera but no time to share them now. So I waved at Amoeba, took the snapshots and then made my way from the marina docks to the car — and it was locked. Even before I put my hand in my pocket I knew where the car keys were — in Amoeba’s pocket on their way to Seattle.

Of course, I have my own set of car keys. They were at home in my purse — as was my cell phone. I had a choice, have the car unlocked, take the garage door opener and walk home, or call a locksmith to open the house. Thanks to my insurance, having the car unlocked is free — but they said they had to send someone from Anacortes and it would be several hours before my car was unlocked. Within a half an hour my car would be ticketed. An hour after that it would be towed away.

Another choice! I walked to the bank where our landlady works — only to be told that she is off island on vacation. One of the other ladies at the bank called her son. He was out on a job site and an answering machine was collecting his calls. At that point I was only 25 minutes away from collecting a parking ticket.

I called a locksmith and started walking. Did I mention I had worn my heeled sandals? They were the only slip-ons I had handy and I was only (supposedly) leaving the house for a few minutes. I carried them in my hands. Luckily Friday Harbor has nice, clean, paved sidewalks and walking wasn’t too hard on my bare feet. My biggest worry was that I wouldn’t get home before the locksmith got here and he’d leave. Blessedly, as I walked by the church the pastor was outside and in a chatty mood. I told him my tale in ten words or less (hard to imagine, I know) and he got the church secretary to bring me home. I arrived barely 30 seconds before the locksmith.

We have the best locks on our house that money can buy. It took the locksmith about 15 minutes to unlock the deadbolt on the front door, and that was after he’d tried unsuccessfully to unlock the door knob on our back door. It seems doorknobs are often more difficult to pick then deadbolts, but doorknobs can just be ripped off the door. However, he didn’t have to break anything. He got me inside, I grabbed my keys and he took me down to the car. End of drama.


    1. Doug — you mean other than the check I wrote to pay for the locksmith? I suppose I could be annoyed at Amoeba for leaving with the keys but I do have a second set and it is my fault they weren’t with me (we each have a car key, but we usually just share the third key because it has the lock fob). Plus, why should I hold him responsible when he forgot to give me the keys, am I not equally at fault for not requesting them?

      1. Wrong answer. And when someone robs your house you are going to wish you had listened to my moral. FH or not!!!

  1. I’m glad everything worked out ok — especially glad for the encounter with the pastor and secretary.

    One time in a parking lot one of the kids accidentally shut and locked the car door while we were out if it — with my car keys and wallet right there on the seat. No cell phones, then, and I was afraid someone would break in and make off with the wallet and the car if I went somewhere to call for help.Long story, but it finally got taken care of, and now I keep my keys in my pocket all the time — and I am a little nervous if I am wearing something without pockets.

    1. Barbara — I think I’ll start carrying my keys no matter what. I got out of the habit of carrying my purse here on the island.

  2. I hate when stuff like that happens, and stuff does, indeed, happen. Glad it all ended relatively well. 🙂

  3. I always take my purse even when David is driving. What if he collapsed and I had to drive? I would need my driver’s license, etc.

  4. so far I’ve only done that once…and I was only down the street from my house. that reminds me though, I should really give my parents my spare set of keyes “just in case”

  5. Grin. Glad for the lucky ending.
    I usually have the keys for the backdoor.
    We have a screendoor at the backdoor.
    So, if you leave with your backdoor keys through the frontdoor you should do what?
    Exactly. Not lock that Screendoor from the inside.
    Thank goodness housekeeping here has keys 😉

  6. so if i understand correctly, you left home without the house keys expecting to sneak in through the garage door the opener of which was attached to the car keys that ended in amoeba’s pocket? phew! will you be mad if i say you deserved all the trouble?

  7. Boy, what you’ll go through to have something to write about… 😉

    Glad it worked out ok – and look at the exercise you got! Good thing it was on that side of the continent – walking in the heat wave we have going on this side would have been dangerous. The last couple of days the heat and humidity have been waffling around 116-118°F in the shade. Nassssty. Even the pool water was 92°F this afternoon. I felt like a boiled egg.

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