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A Couple of Scenes From Our Day

Meet my great niece and nephew.
Ashlie & Parker
Yes, they’re great kids, they are also my nephew’s kids.

At South Beach — the kids loved the driftwood.

Overlooking South Beach.

With Mount Baker in the background.

Tomorrow morning I am up early & off to VBS. When I get home I’ll race in the house, wolf down a sandwich and we’re off to False Bay. After that we’ll visit the Whale Museaum. Then it will be time to come home for dinner and a few hands of cards before bed. I’m busy and having fun.


  1. They are just adorable Q. What a fun time you must have had πŸ™‚ And the scenery sure does bring back memories πŸ™‚

  2. I Like the photos (and driftwood) but I think that’s a different South Beach than the one LeBron James has been talking about.

  3. Love it – she looks all ‘big sister’ and he looks ‘all boy!” Delightful photos, Q! Thanks for sharing!

    Be careful wolfing that sandwich. Chew and swallow…and some day you’ll have to tell us why they call it False Bay.

    1. Kelley — I think Ashlie has to be one of the best big sisters on the planet. Her patience with Parker is totally amazing.

  4. When we are in Canada to visit we usually live in Abbotsford. From there you can see Mt. Baker at about the same distance as you see it in your picture. This is fascinating to me, because I feel like you live so close to my “home away from home”!!
    Have fun at VBS!

  5. Beautiful shots! You really have great great niece and nephew. It’s wonderful to know that you are busy and having fun. I wish that the fun part would be on my side, too. It’s kind of hectic here. Have a splendid week πŸ™‚

  6. They are adorable and Nessa is right, they do indeed make the scenery look even more spectacular! What a fun time for all of you and I’m so happy for all of you! Have another great day!!


    1. CL — that’s what my sister thought when she slammed on the breaks and pushed us all out of the car. She wouldn’t let us back in until we took a picture. πŸ˜‰

  7. YAY! They are beautiful children – beautiful photos and I’m sure EVERYONE is having fun! I MISS playing cards… I need sOMebody to play cards with!

    1. Great pictures πŸ™‚ We can see Baker from Abbotsford. I climbed it once barefoot. That was COLD… surprised I didn’t get frostbit.

  8. .
    Wow, Quilly, you sure are keeping busy! Can the great kids help you a little with the VBS? Depending on your age group, most kids like to work with the younger ones.

    Enjoy your outing tomorrow. Have fun with the kids and act a little like a kid for me. πŸ™‚

    1. Jim — these kids don’t live here and are only visiting for a couple of days of VBS. I invited them to join me, but they chose not to. They are going home to their own VBS, though.

  9. Lucky you to have visiting kids! I have 4 great-nieces, but I’ve only seen the oldest when she was 2 months old. She’s 2 years older than that now, with a baby sister and 2 baby cousins. See why I need to move back?

    1. Barbara — this island is dazzling. The boy is more interested in play grounds and monkey bars than he is sweeping vistas, but the girl loved the historical park and the museum.

  10. I’m glad I’m reading these in catch-up mode (backwards!) because it’s good to know you survived the day in advance! Those are gorgeous shots of the kids, and the island.

    Is it warmer now?

    1. Susan — survival is still debatable. My feet hurt! It is t-shirt and shorts weather during the day, and jeans weather in the evening.

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