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Too Much!

Yesterday at VBS two aids didn’t show up and 28 5th graders did! I found myself monitoring children rather than supervising the music. We had a blast. We made our very own rainsticks, listened to a Bible story, learned a bit about nurturing plants (the way God nurtures us), played some games and did some singing and dancing — oh yeah, we also had snacks. I stood up for the entire 3 hours. I think the only sitting down I did was during my bathroom break. (I know, TMI.)

After VBS I went home, munched a hot dog, then the kids and I went and explored the tidepools at False Bay. False Bay is a huge inlet that, at high tide, looks like a gorgeous bay or harbor, but is actually only about waist deep. It is the perfect place to play in tidepools and collect sea shells.

After our visit to False Bay, we went to the Whale Museum and explored the wonders of the PNW sea, specifically Orca and Minke Whales. We got to pet an otter pelt, hold whale teeth (they are quite large) and see and learn about many interesting things. The sound booths were of special interest. We got to hear all the different underwater whale songs, and the calls of the other sea dwellers as well.

After the museum, we went grocery shopping and after grocery shopping we went home. Between 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. yesterday the only sitting down I did was in the car. My legs and feet were screaming! They are still feeling pretty sore this morning. Luckily, I am not scheduled at VBS today. I have a doctor’s appointment and then my cousin and her family will be joining us for a day of picnicking and mayhem!


  1. How fun Q!!! And what make this so much better is I know exactly where you are talking about now πŸ™‚ Love it. Hope you aren’t sore tooooo much πŸ™‚ xoxox

  2. i have $11 dollars saved so far for my next expedition from sea to shining sea!
    when i get there, i want to visit false bay….
    and lime kiln
    and dead mans bay
    and the camel

    1. Tilden — cool! Mona the camel ignored the kids, but I’ll take you to all those places and get you a carrot to wave at Mona.

    1. Polona — Amoeba is talking about leaving our perfect house for that local. I haven’t seen the house there, but the scenery can’t be beat.

  3. I was AMAZED how well my feet held out this year! I do FEEL for your feet though – because I KNOW that misery… Your VBS was certainly BLESSED to have your presence there yesterday! It is wonderful to have good help available in a last minute pinch!!! So… How’d you guys make your rainsticks. I’ve explored that idea a few times, but haven’t actually done it yet…MAYBE next year!

    False Bay sounds like a wOnderful adventure – as does the museum! Wish I was there!

    1. Melli — I think the rainsticks were part of the VBS curriculum. I am not certain. I do not that poster mailers (cardboard tubes with plugs for the ends), marking pens (to decorate the tubes), cording, beads and feathers (to put tassels on the tubes) were all park of the package. After the tubes are decorated, they are filled with bird seed!

      1. Oh! I made mini versions of those my first year with the tiny tots! We just called them shakers. I had thought about using the longer ones to make rain sticks… but I gotta find the right size nails to go through – but NOT through! Bird seed! That’s good! I used beans and rice…

  4. Oh, what fun, Quilly! And what a wonderful visit! I can understand your being tired and sore, but hopefully that will pass and you can get on to the next adventure! Have a lovely evening and a wonderful weekend!


  5. TWENTY-EIGHT fifth graders!?!? Oh, my! You obviously were the perfect person for the job. It sounds like a wonderful day (False Bay sounds like a terrific place to visit!) but I do hope you get to relax some tomorrow.

  6. What a fun sounding museum. Did you take the kids on a whale watch too? We did the one where you have to wear the survival suits, what a hoot and well worth it to see the orcas! (We did a last minute space available booking and so got it for about half-price.)

    My photography is available for purchase – visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

    1. Doug — 28 is a piece of cake. However, at 30 everything seems to go haywire and tip in the children’s favor.

  7. I got tired reading this, hope you get some time to rest and get your feet up. I am sure your day went fast yesterday with everything you got done.

  8. .
    Quilly, I know there is a special crown reserved for you in Heaven. Fifth graders think they have arrived! I remember 5th graders in a BIG WAY. I taught a fifth grade boys and girls SS class for ONE YEAR. Whew! One boy sat under a table for the whole year!

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