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Even in Church …

Today before service pastor reminded everybody that the impromptu Summer Choir meets at 9:00 a.m. next Sunday for a quick rehearsal before service.   He said anybody was welcome who wanted to come, and then he added, “Whether you can carry a tune or not, just show on up next Sunday morning  and P., our choir director, will teach you how in just one hour.”  Of course the entire congregation laughed and P., our choir director, thanked pastor somewhat dryly for his confidence and praise.

After church was over I made a beeline for P.  I stopped her and said, “I am so glad to hear that anyone is welcome in choir. I have never been able to carry a tune.  Even if you put the tune in the strongest bucket ever made and hermetically sealed the lid, I could mess it up.” P.’s eyes grew quite wide.  She tried to interrupt but I plowed on. ” I love to sing though and pastor said you could teach me how in just under an hour, so I know you will be delighted to hear that next Sunday at 9:00 a.m. I …”  By now P. looked exceedingly distressed but I continued.  ” … will be in Hawaii.”

And P. said, “Oh, thank God!”


  1. that’s awesome skill, to teach anyone how to carry a tune in an hour… i wonder why she sounded so relieved when you told her you wouldn’t be there after all

    1. Polona — you know, P. is also very modest. She actually seemed genuinely distressed when pastor told everyone about her amazing talent.

  2. ROFL! My “P” (who is actually an “S”) says she CAN teach me to sing — but not in an hour. She WISHES I would give her an hour a week though… plus practice at home. She IS a voice teacher and SOMEday I may take her up on it. About the time my vocal chords atrophy!

  3. When we were teaching at a mission school, a new volunteer came mid-schoolyear to work in the kitchen and teach music. She said she could teach anyone to sing.

    That was 42 years ago, and my husband still doesn’t have a big enough bucket to carry a tune.

  4. .
    Quilly, you can join my choir! I am organizing for Heaven. It will be all those people, including me, who have been ASKED NOT to sing in a church choird. You weren’t formally requested not to sing but for a friend I will sign you up. 🙂

  5. LOL. I was asked to join our contemporary worship choir, but I declined immediately. I was once told by my H.S. Choir Director that I should sing “tennor”…. “ten or” fifteen miles away, that is! Ha!

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