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10 Reasons I Love Amoeba

Today’s 31 Days to a Better Blog challenge is to write a list post. I decided to share with you 10 of the hundreds of reasons why I love Amoeba. Those of you who hang out here on a regular basis can probably do a better version of this list than I can and after you finish reading my list I invite you to use the comment section and add anything I may have missed. You might also mention anything that surprised you.

My wonderful Amoeba dressed as a Cockney for, My Fair Lady.

I love Amoeba because:

  1. He lets me be silly, and is even silly with me.
  2. He makes me laugh.
  3. He challenges me to look at the world in new ways.
  4. He’s cute. (And he hates being cute.)
  5. He loves dogs and cats and children.
  6. He’s multi-talented — scientist, trumpet player, singer, actor, dancer ….
  7. He’s patient.
  8. He rarely raises his voice.
  9. My welfare is important to him and he shows it.
  10. He thinks I am better than I am.

I could go on and tell you other wonderful things and mention all of the fantastic places he’s taken me — like living on Oahu for three years, and here in Friday Harbor now, or that fantastic resort we just stayed at in Canada, or the fact that we have a home big enough and nice enough to invite my family to visit for a week, or the upcoming trip to Hawaii’s Big Island; but while those things are fun and exciting, they aren’t what’s important.

It’s the little things he does that enrich my life the most. Like insisting on taking me out to dinner last night because my knee hurt (twisted it again) and he didn’t want me standing to cook and wash dishes; scratching my back when I have an itch I can’t reach; not yelling this morning when he discovered I’d forgotten to launder something rather important; and a multitude of other things that remind me daily I am loved and appreciated.


  1. Wow! What a blessed couple of people you are in each other!

    The trumpet player in my house thinks that “he plays trumpet” should get its own entry…

  2. The best of the best! How very blessed you both are to have found one another and better still that you recognized the gift in the person you found. Enjoy!


  3. That’s the sweetest post I read in a long time πŸ™‚
    I am glad you guys found each other and I am also glad you both know how to appreciate Life with each other.
    It’s a rare treat in our society these days.
    Btw. he looks dashing in that outfit :)!

  4. “Dude?”


    “That our OC?”

    “Looks like him.”

    “Looks can be deceiving, dude. Should we tell ’em about the time he bonked her on the head with his bike hel …”

    “No, dude.”

    “Or about the time he lost the …”

    No, dude.”

    “How about when he …”



    “Just. Shut. Up.”

  5. .
    That’s a powerful list, Quilly. You’d have to like a guy with all that.
    And the hundreds more? πŸ™‚

  6. How utterly cute is this Quilly? These are wonderful reasons to love and be loved, you’re a very lucky woman and you’re right he is very cute!

  7. heh I read the word bonked in Amoeba’s post as boinked and I was like whooooa, hold the phone… thought things suddenly got naughty :-p

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