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Elevator Pitch

I have joined BlogFrog and signed up for the ProBlogger Summer Challenge.  The idea is to dedicate 31 days to making one’s blog better.  The day one exercise is developing an elevator pitch.  An elevator pitch is a purpose statement that be be explained in the amount of time it takes for an elevator to travel between one floor and another.  The purpose of creating an elevator pitch isn’t just to plug one’s blog in as little time as possible, but also to help solidify in the writer’s mind exactly what his/her focus is.

My elevator pitch for this blog is really very simple:

Quintessentially Quilly is eclectic and quirky, just like me.  This is where I share my unique outlook on the world, my friends, neighbors, current events, books I read, assorted products, occasional photographs, and whatever else tweaks my fancy.

I have two other blogs to write elevator pitches for: San Juan Island Avon Lady, and Book’em Quilly.


  1. I think it needs more pop — like adding:

    …and occasionally I share recipes for great explosive events . . .

    or something along those lines – get those eyebrows HIGH in the air, smile at them, and then hand them a card that has the link on it…

  2. A wonderful pitch that seems to capture you and your site perfectly.

    P.S. I reworked my long pitch based on your feedback…thanks so much!

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