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How Much Is Your Blog Worth?

I’ve been doing my homework for Build a Better Blog in 30 days.  Actually, I am still doing yesterday’s homework.  I’d better hustle, but first I had to share this Technorati Widget.

My blog is worth $564.54.
How much is your blog worth?

Quick, take a minute, go see what your blog is worth. Pretty cool, huh?

Now, back to my homework. And hey, if after checking out the value of your blog you’d like to see those numbers go up, check out The suggestions I am finding there are easy to implement, fun (which is why I am still doing yesterday’s homework), and written in an entertaining style. I can’t offer testimony to whether they work or not because I’ve not been doing this thing long enough to make a real difference, however I gained 200+ Twitter followers over night! [Swoon]

UPDATE: For a bit of levity — I just went to see what my homework for today (day 4) was and almost fell out of my chair laughing. I have been doing it for the last three days — analyzing successful blogs to see what it is that makes them so successful. In fact I found that Technorati widget while scouring


  1. Odd, my blog says it’s worth the exact same amount as yours (which I highly doubt seeing how many more visitors you have and how much longer you’ve been blogging haha). Maybe it’s not working right now to give the true amounts.

    1. Polona — they’re for fun, not for commerce. Well, it is commerce to Technorati because it gets them links, which raises their worth, but really does nothing for mine.

    1. Barbara — this is a guess, but I think it is the standard going price for an active but otherwise under-exploited url.

    1. Doug — I guess you missed the part where I said it was fun? Oh wait. Never mind. I momentarily forget who I was conversing with.

      Technically the widget wasn’t part of my homework, except as an example of the kind of things that capture a reader’s attention.

  2. I’m another member of the $564.54 club! But it’s worth far more than that to me!

    Did you check into Feedly yet? Oh My Goodness! So much easier to work with than Google Reader!

  3. LOL! I just read Thom´s comment. Priceless is right.
    My blog was worth the same amount as yours. I don´t think the thingy is working… 🙂

  4. .
    Hey Quilly, add me to your list. The list of $564.54. All three, each of them, even the Ask Dr. Jim (blog). I tried to trick it with my YouTube but it is the same value also.

    This is a nice post. I guess a lot of us have though about improving our blogs. Did your course have a section on trying to taylor it to the type reader you have and want to have? I would have a section and some how-tos on accessing and changing to meet these readers.
    BTW, I think you are doing good, very good. You blog should be worth more. Do you think the machine could be stuck or ‘hacked?’

  5. My blog is worth the same as everyone elses, which is fine. But the real problem is how do I go about collecting that five hundred some odd dollars? I need it so I can put a down payment on that all important Vespa I need.

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