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Major Announcement: Listen Up

Amoeba and I are going back to Hawaii.

Yep.  You read that right.

We’re not headed back to Oahu though.  This time we’re going to Hawaii Island itself — better known as the Big Island.  This time we are also only going to stay for a week rather than three years.  (How many of you really thought we were moving?)

However, that wasn’t the important part of my announcement.  After researching airline tickets and then researching hotels and comparing prices, I finally decided to through the vacation packages and I booked us one that included airfare, hotel, and a car — even though Amoeba will be working while we’re there.  That means one of us will have to do the vacationing.  (Notice the emphasis on have so you will feel sorry for me.)

Since I am going to Hawaii to vacation, you will likely seeing less of me on your blogs.  I am taking my camera.  I hope to still post.  I will try to get around to visit you every other day or so — but I am expecting my hands will be full.  Ella is finally out of detox and we’ll be taking her with us.  Even when she’s not smoking and drinking she is a hyper active little Pachyderm. I’ll likely be quite busy.


    1. Doug — the trip is real. Honest! And I did choose a vacation package. I even did a search on this advertiser’s site.

  1. How funny! I just went through booking a hotel room with Expedia for tickets to Maui next week. I wrote a post about the craziness of it and post (pre?) dated it to appear tomorrow, which will be in another hour.

    You’ll love the Big Island. I wish we were going there. The volcano is doing a grand show right now.

  2. Ella and the handsome Hawaiians . . . it’s not a combination I want to give any thought to!

    Have a great time! We expect LOTS of photos!

    1. Kelley — this won’t be Ella’s first trip to Hawaii. It will be her THIRD. Although it will be her first tip to Kona and the Big Island.

  3. I wasn’t fooled one bit! Smirk.

    Have a wonderful trip! My BIL and family are heading to Hawaii this weekend for a diving vacation. I have no idea which island. But if you run across someone with my last name, that’s them!

    1. Linda — I will try very hard not to run across them. I am certain the rental car agency (and your family) would frown on that.

  4. YAY!!! Just keep her away from the volcanoes… that’s all I ask! I’m sO sorry you HAVE to go have all that FUN while Amoeba GETS to go to work! I’m sure you’ll get over it though!

    1. Melli — I knew you would sympathize with my plight — but then you gave me another. We are going to visit the volcano. What should I do with Ella?

    1. Thom — I understand. It would have been great to kick around with you while Amoeba was working, but I know you already took your vacation time and you DID spend it with me.

  5. I’ve visited Oahu, Kauai and Maui too, but the big island is my favorite.

    Will you two kindly fold me and my camera in one of your suitcases?

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