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The Rental Car

I booked the airfare.  I chose the hotel.  I picked the rental car company.  But I was only following orders.  He said to go for the least expensive. I chose economy all the way down the line.

That’s how we ended up with the orange on wheels.   The rental car lady handed us the keys and said we’d find our car in space 14.   We walked out to the lot.  There in space A14 was a lovely, ruby colored Infinity G37.  I said, “Sweet!”  Amoeba said, “That’s not our car hon.”  There was an Audi A5 next to it.  Okay, it’s not an Aston Martin, but it’s still a nice car.  I walked toward it.   Amoeba said, “Hon, that’s not our car, either.”

So I turned around hoping for something wonderful, like maybe an Aston Martin.  (Hey, a girl can dream, can’t she??)  Amoeba was standing next to a classy, pearl white Lincoln Town Car.  Unfortunately on his other side was a bright orange Dodge Caliber.  Guess which car our keys fit?


    1. Church Lady — thing is, they have a whole fleet of these orange cars and I see at least one everywhere I go. Yesterday I deliberately parked between two of them just for kicks!

  1. Hahahahahahahahah! I NEVER rent an “economy” car! I go for the LUXURY sedans! I’ve learned MY lesson! And if they don’t have a car I’m happy with, I will gladly take a TRUCK! I gots to have my elbow room though….

    1. Melli — I always go for what is easier on the pocketbook. As Church Lady said, all I really need the car for is to get from point A to point B. Besides, except for the color, I kind of like this car.

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    Quilly, would you please take a picture of the Dodge Caliber for us. I think it might be a Japenese model not made in the U.S.
    You might could incorporate in a silly nilly monday punny. 🙂

    1. Jim — uhm, if I did Punny Mondays to order, there would always be a winner, whouldn’t there? If we remember to read the door panel, we’ll share.

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    It probably was made in the U.S. The Caliber is built at the Belvidere Assembly (Illinois) plant. But the engine, transmission, and frame are Japenese. It replaced the Neon and there is an Asian and a European model. You can read the door plate to let us know where it was made.

  4. well, you got what you paid for, no? and it serves the purpose?
    and as an added bonus it provided you with blog fodder 😉

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