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Heroic Save!

This is an official “thank you” note to Michael Braxton, manager of the Kona Radio Shack.  I went into Radio Shack to buy another charger for my camera.  I already have two chargers because this isn’t the first time I left home without it.  I mentioned that fact to Michael.  That’s when he told me that for a nominal fee (about one-fifth the cost of the battery charger), he would be happy to charge my battery for me.

I told him I loved him.  I meant it, too.  He helped me save a nice chunk of my vacation money.  I don’t know what I’ll spend it on, but I am pretty certain it won’t be something I already have two of!


  1. Of course I never heard about it either but I agree with Mar !
    Where are you ? In Hawai ?
    Do you know what happens to Thom ? That’s a long time that he has disappeared !

    1. Gattina — Hawaii has 7 islands. I am not on the island Thom is on and we aren’t going to get to see one another. However, it is Summer in Hawaii. In the Summer Thom works extra hours, plus he house sits and barbecues and pretty much lives at the beach. He is safe and healthy, just very busy. Plus he is working on some mysterous project he’s not talking about.

  2. We have about 4 phone chargers but can guarantee we will forget to take even one when we go away! That’s Murphy’s Law!

  3. And isn´t it just typical for your battery to be empty when on vacation…. 🙂
    I usually forget mine too!

    1. Betty — my camera made the transpacific flight turned on and I didn’t realize. That pretty well sapped the battery!

    1. Linda — I don’t know, he says the service is pretty popular. They might actually make MORE money! Still, it saves each individual some bucks, which is a win for everybody!

  4. Kona is where we met the guy who tended an avocado orchard. He said his only problem with Hawaii is that sometimes the avocados fall on his head. Wow.

    I’m so glad you had a good experience. We loved it when we stayed there. It was so beautiful, and it seemed (years ago) less crowded and frenetic than Honolulu. Hope it still is.

    We stayed overnight on Kilauea and the stars were more beautiful and clear than anyplace I’ve ever been. I know you’ll keep your eyes open for the macro photos too…ENJOY IT!

    1. Kelley — better an avocado than a coconut. I had a coconut fall on my car and leave a dent. On the other hand, some of these avocados are bigger than coconuts!

  5. .
    I’m glad for you, Quilly. Most of those Radio Shack employees are pretty nice. That’s part of their SOP and I”m glad. Did you know that Radio Shack took over all (or nearly all) of the stores. We don’t have any franchise ones around her anymore. Burger King needs to take lessons from Radio Shack on that.

    Sorry too about your Internet and cable. Too bad you had to go beaching again.

    I try to be careful and be in good taste with what I put on my blog as far as pictures go. I don’t want to offend but that is a lot of what you see on the cruise ships. Those young’uns (in their twenties) were enjoying showing off. I was more worried about the lady on the left with her back to the camera in the other deck picture. She didn’t fit her suit very well. If Mrs. Jim would tell me to pull it I will. She is still in London.

    1. Jim, I just had to give you a hard time about the photo. And good customer service wasn’t something we found in abundance in Honolulu. I am glad Kona is friendlier.

  6. When something like this happens, it makes up for a lot of the Bad Customer Experiences. Glad that you were lucky to find this Wonderful fellow who did this for you.

  7. I love it when you meet a business that’s more concerned about looking after a customer than making a buck! If you go back in there tell Michael he has an admirer in England 🙂

    1. Melli — I stopped by the Radio Shack this morning after dropping Amoeba off at NELHA for his meetings and gave Mike a card with the address to this blog post. He seemed surprised and pleased to have been blogged about. I also gave the store a positive review on a local business review website.

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