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Ella is Sad

Our very first morning here a nice tourist man greeted Ella and I as we went down to breakfast.  He said to us, “Good morning.  You just missed the dolphins.  They are in the harbor every morning about 6:30 a.m., you should try to get here a little earlier.”

Of course you know Ella was downstairs at 5:45 a.m. the next morning waiting for the dolphins.   She climbed in a deck stair on the lanai and searched the far horizon for any sign of their approach.

Ella just couldn’t sit still. The thought of seeing dolphins was much too exciting and she just had to move, so she hopped out of the chair and jumped onto the breakfast table instead.

I knew she’d insisted on going down way too early, but once she’s decided to do something, there is no stopping her. We waited until after 7:00 a.m. Toward the end, Ella did move to a more comfy seat.

The dolphins never returned. Ella was so excited, and — because she does everything in such extremes — she is horribly sad.  I am afraid that all she is going to remember of this trip was the day she didn’t see the dolphins.


  1. Like the new pics but I’m wondering where my blond headed friend went. I wish I could have gotten to see you this trip. Good to see that you got internet access finally. Hope the rest of you stay is great.
    Miss you,

  2. Poor Ella. I feel for her, but somehow I think she must have gotten over it, after seeing what kind of glorious view she had to look at. This is what I imagine heaven is like…. 🙂

  3. I suspect that if she HAD seen them, the trauma of getting up so early would have vanished, but perhaps it adds to the sadness today. Sorry you two didn’t see them…if you come to the East Coast to Ft. Fisher, you can paddle amongst them in an ocean-going kayak…

  4. LOL at Doug’s comment. Poor Ella, can’t you try tomorrow again? wishing you luck with the dolphins!

  5. I’ve seen Dolphins a couple times in the wild, the last time was down in Malibu about 3 years ago. So beautiful. I’m sorry that Ella missed them this time around.

  6. LOL @ Doug’s comment.

    I’m sorry you both missed them and hope they come by again before you leave.

    I love the picture of her on the table looking out over the water — looks so hopeful and wistful.

  7. .
    Ella, I am sorry that you got up so early and not see the dolphins. Grown up people would say it was okay because you got a whole hour and a quarter to watch that beautiful water view.

    Tell Quilly to bring you to Montgomery. We have oodles of playmates for you as my mom had a stuffed animal collection which I now have part of.
    Better than that though, we can ride on down to galveston and ride the Bolivar Ferry over to Bolivar Island. The dolphins follow the ferries back and forth across the Bay.

    Will leave our car in the ferry lot and walk on. Then we can walk to the front or back of the ferry and see them really close from the back.

    1. .
      We have a big guest room, plenty big for all three of you too. We live on a golf course for Amoeba or we can play any number of the less expensive municipal and local open courses. I play at Huntsville (Texas) most every Tuesday morning at the Raven Nest course.

  8. Ella shouldn’t be too sad – she appears to be in gorgeous surroundings!
    The last two shots remind me of my ten day stay in Hawaii many years ago. I so love to be there looking for dolpins.
    Perhaps an evening dinner with a nice drink (shh…don’t tell Melli) would help Ella relax and who knows what might pop up or swim by!

  9. When Pete and I were on our honeymoon, we stayed at several bed and breakfasts along the east coast. It was beautiful and the fall season. I always wanted to go whale watching so we went. There were only two days the whole year they had to refund the tickets because no whates were sighjted and the day we went was one of them so I know how Ells feels. BUT, I am not disappointed I did not see any whales. Instead I temember sitting on the top deck sitting next to a nun who had her eyes closed. I asked Pete if she had died but he said no because he could see her breathing. Then a storm came in and despite 1/2 hout trip out it took over two hours to get back and the boat was slamming on the waves. I just figured I was not meant to see the whales that day and I look forward to seeing them someday.

  10. Poor Ella… 😉 I didn’t know you still had her – thought she’d be moving on to the next bloggy buddy after a little while taking over your life! Or are you dropping her off with a Hawaiian friend while you’re there?

    Hope you’re having a great time – did you get a new charger for your Nikon, or figure out something else? Hope so!!

  11. I’d be sad, too.
    Maybe someone should tell the dolphins that Ella is waiting to see them! After all, I doubt that the dolphins have ever seen an elephant.

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