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Ella & The Luau

We didn’t buy tickets to the luau. Luaus are for tourists. We’re not. Unfortunately, I forgot that Ella was. When the drums started she got all excited. I took her outside on the balcony and told her we could watch it from a bird’s eye view. Oh boy, you should have heard her shriek and whistle when the torch bearers came in.

Sorry the photo is blurry. Ella was jumping around and jostled my arm. I thought for sure she was going to fall off the balcony — or jump! She wanted a closer look at those hunky men.

The torch bearers circled the spectators three times.  Truth to tell, I was enjoying my look at the hunky men, too.  that’s probably why I didn’t notice until too late that Ella was no longer on the balcony.  In fact, she was no longer in the room!   I shot out the door and headed for the elevator.

Of course she had quite a head start on me and was already on th4e ground floor before I got into the elevator car.  I didn’t know what she would do or how she would behave when they wouldn’t let her onto the luau grounds because she didn’t have a ticket.  I needn’t have worried.

She’s an eleven inch tall plush elephant.  She walked right in under the radar.  Problem was, I couldn’t go get her!

She climbed up on a chair, then she climbed up on a table.  Then she started wiggling her ample elephant ass-ets! Oh my! I thought about going back to the room and pretending I didn’t know her.

About that time the bus boy showed up at the table and said no pets were allowed because of the food.  Of course everybody denied knowing Ella.  The bus boy picked her up and escorted her to the gate — where I was waiting for her.   I told her I was going to take Melli’s advice and buy her a leash!

Ella promised she’d be good if I would please let her stay close to watch the luau, so we went to the terrace.

One of the tiki gods was kind enough to share a planter with her. Unfortunately between the shrubbery and the other non-paying watchers standing around, Ella couldn’t really see much and I didn’t get any decent photo opps. Finally she said my idea of watching from our balcony really was the better choice, so we went back upstairs.

We missed the female hula dancers and only caught the end of the men’s performance, and then the luau was over. Ella was pretty upset about that, but I reminded her who it was that wasted all of our time and insisted on going downstairs to see the show. “Oh,” she said. Pft.


    1. From Wiki: Tiki refers to large wood and stone carvings of humanoid forms in Central Eastern Polynesian cultures of the Pacific Ocean. The term is also used as it relates to Māori mythology where Tiki is the first man. In the Māori language, the word ‘tiki’ was the name given to large wooden carvings in roughly human shape, although this is a somewhat archaic usage. The carvings often serve to mark the boundaries of sacred or significant sites.

  1. Typical Ella! She LEARNED that from THOM you know! She never said PFT before she met him! But I know she wanted to dance with the women too — she was practicing her hula before she left home. As a matter of fact, the cats learned to move outta the way real fast when Ella started shakin’ her hips!

    1. Melli — I’ll let Thom take the blame for Ella’s “pft” — no problem.

      (Nobody is to tell Melli that I taught Thom, pft, got it?!)

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