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Adam Missed A Few

She: “Pfffft!”

He: “What “pfffft?”

She: “A fly flew into my face!”

He: “What did you expect it to do?”

She: “Fly someplace else?

He: “Well, it’s gotta fly somewhere. After all, it is a fly. Which reminds me. I need to have a talk with the naming guys. Linnaeus, maybe. Or Adam.”

She: “Adam? The Garden of Eden Adam?”

He: “Yeah. Him. He was supposed to put names on all the living things, wasn’t he? Well, he missed a few.”

She: “Yeah, well, I think you’re missing a few, too …”

He: “So we have the fly. How come no one’s ever heard of a walk? Or a crawl, or a swim. Or even a hop. I mean, there’s hops, but that’s a plant and it doesn’t do very much hopping. Not that I’ve ever seen, anyway …”

She: “That’s because it’s the people who do the hopping after they’ve put the hops in their beer. Of which you’ve clearly had too much!”

He: “No I haven’t. Not a drop. Hey! I haven’t heard of anything called a drop, either.”

She: “Maybe not, but are you quite certain no one introduced you to the drop when you were young? Head first?”

He: “I have a feeling you are not taking this conversation seriously.”

She: “Really? Fancy that.”


  1. Melli — he was making me so dizzy with his logic that I was wishing he’d skipped the conversation. Then I attempted to get even and he still got the best, last word. (Post coming soon.)

    1. Linda — Carl Linnaeus (aka Carl von Linné) was a Swedish botanist, physician, and zoologist and is known as the father of modern taxonomy. He was also one of the founding fathers of ecology. (Wikipedia)

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