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Sensational Haiku Wednesday & A Muffed Target

Muffed Target #6

Thom has taken over Gattina’s meme invention, Muffed Target Photo Meme.  The idea is to share our photos that didn’t turn out. Come on, you know we all have them!  You share yours and I’ll share mine!

This one’s a doozy!

I have no idea what got into my camera. I had it set on autofocus, I depressed the shutter half way, composed the shot, and must have let my finger up off the button just before I pressed the shutter because it refocused!

I generally shoot critters on autofocus because the camera can think faster than I can, however after the first shot, I thought maybe I could do better. This is manual focus. At least this one got the subject, but I would have rather had the cabbage moth in focus then the flower.

Better, but not perfect. The composition is off just a bit and I could have done with better focus on the moth and less on the flower.


Sensational Haiku Wednesday

Jenn from, You Know … that blog?,
hosts Sensational Haiku Wednesday.
This week’s theme is:

Join the fun!


Yawn. Stretch. Roll over.
Open one eye. Peer at clock.
Yawn. Stretch. Roll over.


    1. Fixed, Dawg, and thanks. Writing while asleep is seldom a good idea – not that that stops the average college student, says the prof grad student who has to grade the essays – but the Q will be feeling a little sheepish when she wakes and finds out about this one.

  1. Love that haiku! And I don’t see a thing wrong with that last picture!

    My mom was forever missing the subject. Once she took a great pic of a footstool and completely missed me and my niece!

    1. Linda — the haiku was too true yesterday. I slept most of the morning gone! As for the photo, the missing definition on the moth wing is what makes it less than perfect.

  2. I think we totally beat Thom’s pictures. He had to use the computer to screw them up, we needed no outside help!!

    Love the haiku. If you add the word repeat 4 times that would be me this morning!

    1. Jenn — yesterday Amoeba and I stayed in bed until 10:30! That is totally decadent and I didn’t do half of the stuff I was supposed to because I ran out of time.

  3. Thanks for playing Q. that’s something I would never thought you would do a photo like that but I guess they all do. Great haiku as well.

    1. Thom, even the best of the best muff a photo from time-to-time. I actually muff them quite often. I just don’t often choose to share them!

  4. I take blurry or “off” photos, but usually delete them right away. The first one is kind of intriguing. Love the third one. And though I tend to stay in the same place rather than rolling over, otherwise I go through that morning scenario often.

    1. Barbara — the first one is our dead back yard. The only thing green out there are the weeds. We’ve had a lot of cold and gray this summer, but not a lot of rain.

      And I don’t often do the wake up and go back to sleep thing, but yesterday both Amoeba and I did and we wasted half the day. He has the excuse of a head cold. I got nothing but laziness to blame for mine!

  5. close up shots are always a compromise between the amount of light and depth of field (apperture / exposure time / ISO) and to do it really well many $$$ are required, along with lots and lots of practice and consequentially muffed shots. even the best don’t always get it right the first time…
    the last shot is good but, as you say, not exactly perfect 🙂

  6. Good, Quilly! Everyone should do this every so often. I do.
    I had read this and chuckled but left without leaving a comment.

    Thanks for peeking in on mine. I have been participating for
    some time now but before you weren’t coming over to my
    other blog. Please feel free to visit again. I post there on
    Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and other odd days. It is an
    active blog with mostly different readers.

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